SCP-5274-1 and SCP-5274-2 prior to exhibiting anomalous properties.

Item #: SCP-5274

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5274-1 and SCP-5274-2 are currently contained at Site-109 in standard Humanoid Containment Cell A102. No exceptional restrictions have been placed on their access to external media and products, and they have been permitted access to their cat, Dora.

Description: SCP-5274 refers to two humanoid entities whose bodies are linked via a currently unknown thaumaturgic process. SCP-5274-1 is James Stewart, a 55 year old former landscape engineer, and SCP-5274-2 is his wife Linda Stewart, a 57 year old former part time teaching assistant.

Each sunset and sunrise a 5274-Event occurs during which the currently active instance emits an intense white light for 2.8 microseconds, after which time they have been replaced by the other instance. SCP-5274-1 is active from sunset to sunrise and SCP-5274-2 is active from sunrise to sunset.

Discovery: SCP-5274 was recovered from the village of Altarnun, Cornwall on 28/9/10 after Linda Stewart called emergency services to report her husband was missing at 7:38am that morning. Local police elected not to immediately investigate as at this time he had only been missing since Linda Stewart awoke at 7:00am and there were no reported suspicious circumstances.

At 6:45pm James Stewart called emergency services to report that his wife was missing and that he had experienced memory loss of the day up until shortly before calling. Foundation Agents were sent to investigate, and after witnessing a 5274-Event they took SCP-5274 into containment.

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