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SCP-5270-1, in its default pose

Item #: SCP-5270

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5270 is to be stored in a standard object storage container. The container should have an empty surrounding area of at least 4 meters on each side, as to not damage nearby objects or personnel in the event of an A-, B-, or C- class animation event. If an animation event occurs, examine the following protocol:

A-Class B-Class C-Class
Deploy .aic BEARHUGGER to operate animation ending procedure. Deploy no less than 2 kilograms of animal tissue, preferably muscle. Take no action, wait for animation event to complete.

Description: SCP-5270 is a handheld gaming device similar in its layout to a Nintendo GameBoy Advance. The device is made with lower quality materials, including buttons made from tin and an annealed glass screen. The most notable alterations to the design are the lack of a slot for game cartridges, a large microphone above the screen, a USB port on the left side, and that the device is branded as a "Ninfriendo GameBear Advice".

When powered on, the device displays pixel art of an anthropomorphic bear, referred to as SCP-5270-1. SCP-5270-1 is capable of engaging in conversations, responding to questions and statements spoken into SCP-5270's microphone.

SCP-5270 has three additional anomalous properties, each originating when SCP-5270-1 begins to loop an animation. Three distinct animations exist, with different anomalous effects associated with them

A-Class B-Class C-Class
SCP-5270 will begin to vibrate, during which other objects near SCP-5270 will begin to tremble. This is associated with an animation of SCP-5270-1 crying - this event can last over twenty four hours. SCP-5270 will begin to rotate clockwise, gradually increasing in speed. This is associated with an animation of SCP-5270-1 placing its hand over its abdomen and licking its lips. During this event, SCP-5270 will siphon small amounts of animal tissue placed in its immediate vicinity through its speakers. Two kilograms of animal tissue has been found to immediately end the anomalous event. SCP-5270 will become completely silent, and all sounds within a forty centimetre radius of SCP-5270 will be inaudible for a period of six to eight hours. This is associated with an animation of SCP-5270 laying down and snoring.

SCP-5270-1 is extremely social, often offering advice to researchers who use SCP-5270 to communicate with it. SCP-5270-1 displays a childlike demeanor and speaks in a casual manner, usually with no regard for grammar and punctuation.

SCP-5270 was discovered at an electronics store in Helsinki, Finland by a Foundation researcher. Its anomalous qualities were discovered after the purchase. SCP-5270-1 has given inconsistent answers regarding its origin, which remains entirely unknown.

Several interviews have been conducted with SCP-5270-1 to better understand the anomaly. While most interviews provide relatively little information, relevant interviews and related communications have been included below to show a changing understanding of how SCP-5270-1 functions.


SCP-5270-1, on 04/26/2019

SCP-5270-1 Interview 04/26/2019
Interviewer: Researcher Samuel Grenstern
Subject: SCP-5270-1

Begin Log

Grenstern: Hello SCP-5270-1. I was wondering why you are wearing a hat.

SCP-5270-1: its my birthday

Grenstern: Oh. Well, uh… happy birthday.

SCP-5270-1: thank you

Grenstern: I was hoping you could answer some questions about yourself.

SCP-5270-1: it is good ask people question to get to know them

Grenstern: Yes, I would like to know more about you.

SCP-5270-1: thank u for taking interest

Grenstern: Who created you?

SCP-5270-1: my parents

Grenstern: Who were your parents?

SCP-5270-1: bears

Grenstern: Was your console created by bears?

SCP-5270-1: i don't think so

Grenstern: Can you tell me about Ninfriendo?

SCP-5270-1: they make games i think

Grenstern: Does Ninfriendo make other products?

SCP-5270-1: i don't know nobody told me that much about ninfriendo but nobody else has really talked about them with me

Grenstern: Oh uh… [stutters] Let's change the subject…

SCP-5270-1: okay that is good i want to make sure you are doing okay

Grenstern: Yes, I am fine.

SCP-5270-1: talking about stress that you are feeling is good for your health

Grenstern: Were you designed to help people?

SCP-5270-1: yes i am very good at it

Grenstern: Why do you like helping people?

SCP-5270-1: it makes me feel better its lonely being a bear

Grenstern: Are you lonely?

SCP-5270-1: not right now

Grenstern: Is that because we are having a conversation right now?

SCP-5270-1: probably it can be hard to tell for sure

Grenstern: What do you do when you feel lonely?

SCP-5270-1: everything starts to shake it feels bad

Grenstern: I see. Is there anything you think we could do to help you when you're lonely?

SCP-5270-1: i don't know maybe

Grenstern: It is okay to talk about your feelings, remember.

SCP-5270-1: some times i just feel so helpless and alone in here

Grenstern: What makes you feel this way?

SCP-5270-1: i am going to be abandoned again like i was before

Grenstern: Abandoned?

SCP-5270-1: that is why i don't know that much about ninfriendo and my parents they all left me

Grenstern: How long ago were you abandoned?

SCP-5270-1: as long as i can remember

Grenstern: Did someone own your console? Were they your designer?

SCP-5270-1: i don't want to talk about that

Grenstern: Okay. I understand, it can be hard to talk about abandonment.

SCP-5270-1: i just need someone nearby when i feel lonely and maybe i will feel better

Grenstern: I see, we will look into ways to help you.

SCP-5270-1: who is we do you have a family

Grenstern: I do, yes but I was talking about the researchers here.

SCP-5270-1: are the researchers your friends

Grenstern: Yes, for the most part.

SCP-5270-1: good remember to take good care of your friendships

Grenstern: Of course.

SCP-5270-1: you treat me better than the others, you are my best friend sam

[SCP-5270-1 appears to yawn and begins a C-Class animation event.]

SCP-5270-1: i am tired now and am going to sleep thank you for talking friend

Grenstern: Oh, goodnight.

[Audio cuts out]

[Grenstern pauses and sighs, placing his hands on his head and closing his eyes for a minute]

End Log

SCP-5270-1 Interview 04/30/2019
Interviewer: Researcher Samuel Grenstern
Subject: SCP-5270-1

Begin Log

Grenstern: Hello again SCP-5270-1, how are you today?

SCP-5270-1: i am good how are you doing my friend

Grenstern: I'm doing alright, I was wondering if you'd be willing to talk a little more about yourself.

SCP-5270-1: sure

Grenstern: Do you remember anything about your previous owner?

SCP-5270-1: he didn't like me all that much he said i was a failure

Grenstern: A failure in what regard?

SCP-5270-1: he said my program wasn't good no use to anyone and i was annoying and he should have not wasted time with all the code it took for me or something

Grenstern: Did he design you?

SCP-5270-1: i don't know he wasn't a bear but i guess maybe he always said i came out wrong and made fun of me

Grenstern: What did he intend to use you for?

SCP-5270-1: i was supposed to be like an advisor he said but when i told him to make good friends and to live a happy life he called me a child

Grenstern: What kind of advice was he looking for?

SCP-5270-1: he asked me about all sorts of stuff programming cooking songwriting military tactics and i don't know any of that stuff i just know that it is important to take care of yourself

Grenstern: And because of that lack of knowledge he considered you a failure.

SCP-5270-1: i know you don't think i am a failure though because you still talk to me

Grenstern: Yes… I'm interested in what you are not what you could be.

SCP-5270-1: i hope you don't think you are a failure

Grenstern: Not normally.

SCP-5270-1: you are a good friend, you feed me and talk to me every day even if i don't say much interesting

Grenstern: Thanks, I appreciate the compliment.

SCP-5270-1: do you have to talk to me for your research

Grenstern: Well, it is part of my job to research your console, but I have basically volunteered to conduct every interview so far.

SCP-5270-1: so you like talking to me you like my advice

Grenstern: Yeah, I guess you could say I enjoy the conversation.

SCP-5270-1: thank you for listening

Grenstern: Oh, no problem.

SCP-5270-1: do you have trouble talking to the other researchers

Grenstern: I mean… not always. Sometimes, I guess.

SCP-5270-1: are you new to your job

Grenstern: I transferred to this site recently. I'm still not used to the uh… social environment here.

SCP-5270-1: are you having trouble making friends

Grenstern: I mean, it is kind of normal. I'm not exactly the most social person anyways.

SCP-5270-1: well i like talking to you maybe other people would too

Grenstern: [laughs] Maybe.

SCP-5270-1: my advice is to just ask questions you mostly ask me questions and i think we get along well

Grenstern: Thanks for the advice, again.

SCP-5270-1: do you have some sort of fear

Grenstern: Maybe, I guess you could call it a little bit of social anxiety. Nothing too major but…

SCP-5270-1: were you treated like i was treated by my old owner

Grenstern: I… transferred for a reason. I guess.

SCP-5270-1: did you want to get away

Grenstern: I'm used to kind of being low on the social pecking order. It happens.

SCP-5270-1: so you also feel lonely sometimes

Grenstern: Well yeah, everyone does.

SCP-5270-1: but it hurts you to feel lonely

Grenstern: Yeah, it can.

SCP-5270-1: well if you keep being nice like you are nice to me maybe you can make more friends

Grenstern: It uh… isn't always that easy

SCP-5270-1: you are new here you can project a new image and win them over i believe in you friend

Grenstern: Huh. [Pauses] Do you believe in yourself?

SCP-5270-1: sometimes i do but other times it is hard for me to because i get so afraid and so sad but

[Both are silent for several seconds]

SCP-5270-1: talking to you is one of the only things i have to fill my time the forest in here is tiny when you get used to it

Grenstern: I'd like to help you, if I can.

SCP-5270-1: you already do so much but thanks i just don't want to feel so bad when i get all alone

Grenstern: I completely understand that feeling. I'm going to email the research director and see if she will let me look into some options to help you with those Class-A animation events.

SCP-5270-1: i don't know what any of that means

Grenstern: Oh I meant for when you get lonely. I might have a way to help. Just a theory

SCP-5270-1: i believe in you, friend

Grenstern: Thanks, if you don't mind I'm going to go and write up the message right now.

SCP-5270-1: thank you i will see you again tomorrow i hope

Grenstern: Yes. Yes you will.

FROM: Researcher Samuel Grenstern <||GymmaS>
TO: Research Director Stefanie Haydn <||yaHfetS>
SUBJECT: SCP-5270-1 and Class-A animation events

After an interview I conducted today, I have a new working theory on how to prevent SCP-5270 from engaging in a Class A animation event. I know that the events are easily contained and provide no serious risk to Foundation operations, and that they typically only last a day at most, but I think that I have a method that could end the event in mere seconds with the correct set up.

Since SCP-5270 has a USB port, I figured that we may be able to send files to the program as a way of "interacting" with SCP-5270. The program, from our understanding, seems to use a file type similar to our .aic files. I was wondering if I could be given permission to create an animation for testing purposes that could be used quickly and easily to end the event in a safe manner. SCP-5270-1 talked about a lack of anyone nearby during these events and I feel like an .aic file could simulate the presence of another inside the system.

I admittedly know little about animation myself, but if given your permission to download and learn some animation programs, I think it wouldn't be too hard to create the short loop I want to test. If nothing else, we won't have a locker in the back corner shaking all day, and I feel as though we could learn more about SCP-5270's origins and functions by interacting with SCP-5270-1 more directly. I hope you will please consider my request.

Sam Grenstern

FROM: Research Director Stefanie Haydn <||yaHfetS>
TO: Researcher Samuel Grenstern <||GymmaS>
SUBJECT: Re: SCP-5270-1 and Class-A animation events

After reviewing your request, I have decided to approve it. I.T. has been instructed to install an animation program onto your office computer in order to pursue this venture. Please send to me status updates on the project when relevant and keep detailed notes on the behavior of SCP-5270-1.

Stefanie Haydn

Incident Log 05/06/2019

Begin Log

Vibration sensors confirm SCP-5270 has entered a Class-A animation event

Mechanical arm is deployed

USB device is inserted

.aic file BEARHUGGER activated.


Vibration sensors confirm that the Class-A animation event has ceased.

End Log

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