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Item #: SCP-5268

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-5268's popularity, containment is an ongoing process. All instances of SCP-5268 are to be confiscated by Foundation agents as soon as they are identified. Instances are to be transported to Site-37 for disposal via burning, with two instances being kept in a secured storage locker on-site for study. Chapters 4-5 may be read by personnel with Security Level 3 or higher.

Foundation Webcrawler Food Fighter will monitor social media for users suspected of exposure to SCP-5268. Anyone showing symptoms of SCP-5268's memetic effect are to be administered amnestics appropriate to the level of progression and monitored for regression.

Description: SCP-5268 is a book titled "The Art of Spaghetti," written by Chef Frederick Hoffman. The first chapter of the book is a step-by-step guide on how to cook spaghetti noodles. Near the end of the cooking process, the chapter insists that it is necessary to test a noodle by throwing it at a wall to see if it "sticks." Chapter 1 claims the spaghetti is done and ready to be drained if it sticks to the wall.

The chapter puts an undue amount of stress on this step, to the point of redundancy. Readers who make it this far will not put down the book, unless vigorous attempts are made to disrupt them.

After this point, the book ceases any mention of spaghetti and instead emphasizes the importance of adding chaos to food. It makes claims of superior flavor and the importance of eating food, "without pomp and circumstance, the way it was meant to be." It also denounces the use of most conventional eating utensils. Instead, it claims that hands are the only tool needed for eating.

Once an individual has finished reading up to "Chapter 3: The Inherent Chaotic Nature of Eating", they will cook spaghetti within three days of completion, if able, and experiment with throwing a spaghetti noodle at the wall to see if it's done. Following this first experiment, they will be compelled to try this method with other forms of pasta. Within two weeks, their symptoms will have progressed to a point where the person will feel compelled to throw a portion of everything they eat at the nearest wall to "see if it's done."

Those under the influence of SCP-5268's effects will not find the behavior abnormal. At this point, only food that sticks to a wall when thrown will be deemed fit for consumption by the affected persons. Food that does not stick is given a false attribute, such as being undercooked, stale, or spoiled. Aside from their eating habits, those under the influence of SCP-5268 behave as they usually would and eating food off the wall is not harmful to them.

Discovery: SCP-5268 came to the Foundation's attention when a well-known culinary photographer Daniel Shaw, who possesses a significant online presence, was arrested for disorderly conduct and erratic behavior.

Mr. Shaw attended an upscale restaurant opening in Los Angeles, CA with a group of friends. When his meal was served, he grabbed a handful of his meal and threw it at the nearest wall. His entire dining party followed suit, causing chaos within the establishment. Witnesses said that after throwing part of his meal, he began licking it directly off the wall. Afterwards he attempted to throw more at the wall. The rest of his dining party had remained in their seats to continue their meals. He was accosted by restaurant staff before he could continue.

The entire party expressed confusion and outrage at the arrest of Mr. Shaw, forcing them to be removed from the scene. News of his arrest reached his online followers via a recorded video from one of the dining party, prompting his followers to report similar experiences. Reports of disruptions in public eating establishments became widespread, at which point the Foundation became involved.

After the incidents, a closer look was taken at the photographer's social media presence. Mr. Shaw had posted pictures of meals exclusively consisting of food thrown at a wall for a week and a half prior to the restaurant opening. Further inspection revealed that Mr. Shaw had advertised SCP-5268 as a paid promotion for its debut three and a half weeks prior.

Analysis of comments on later posts revealed SCP-5268 had garnered popularity among his followers. Many of the commenters on Mr. Shaw's social media accounts were seemingly unfazed by the changes in the contents of the images. Two other social media influencers were found to have participated in paid promotions for SCP-5268 and were subsequently administered amnestics. Followers found to be suffering from effects were tracked down and given appropriate treatment.


Upon further review of Frederick Hoffman's career, it was discovered that tensions between Chef Hoffman and the rest of the culinary world have been rising for some time. His uncaring approach when plating dishes and chaotic ideals sparked his eventual exit from the world of fine cuisine.
The following is an excerpt of the "Richard and Kelly Daily Dose" morning talk show. After the broadcast, Chef Hoffman exhibited increasing amounts of hostility towards his critics and the world of fine cuisine.

A line of previously overlooked importance has been identified from the "About the Author" section of SCP-5268.

Chef Hoffman is currently being held in Foundation custody. He has refused to answer questions regarding how he manufactured SCP-5268's memetic effect thus far. It is suspected that he enlisted the help of an outside entity or organization. An investigation is under way.

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