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SCP-5266-1 instance 82. Note that no SCP-5266-2 instances are visible in this shot.
The individual in the video has yet to be identified.

Item #: SCP-5266

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation webcrawlers are to monitor all video-sharing platforms for links with titles consistent with SCP-5266-1 title patterns. For videos tagged by the webcrawler, standard digital recursion tests will be made to determine if the links will yield a URL when opened, indicating an SCP-5266-1 instance. Links found to lead to SCP-5266-1 instances will be summarily deleted.

Additional media-monitoring webcrawlers are to search for possible mentions and coverage of SCP-5266 events. Agents will be dispatched to possible cases to confirm the anomaly, and subsequently retrieve SCP-5266-2 instances and administer amnestics.

Foundation personnel education course C-32 "Hazards Of The Web" has an included portion demonstrating the best response to Foundation personnel being targeted by an SCP-5266 event. Personnel will be advised to immediately call for help before seeking out and either contacting or destroying SCP-5266-2 instances. An onsite medical team with a UAD1 kit and defibrillation gear is to be dispatched immediately to the target's location, where they will either aid in deactivation of SCP-5266-2 or attempt to resuscitate the affected person should initial attempts fail.

Description: SCP-5266 is the collective designation for a series of anomalous YouTube videos and the phenomenon resulting from viewing them. Individual instances of videos are referred to as SCP-5266-1.

New SCP-5266-1 instances are uploaded on an estimated average of once every 2 weeks, and each video ranges from 3 to 4 minutes in length. The videos, when played, have no associated upload channel or URL address, and to date searching for SCP-5266-1 instances has yielded no results. The only known method of initially encountering SCP-5266 is for an instance to spontaneously appear in the viewer's recommendations tab. Only the first occurrence of each individual video can trigger the major anomalous properties of SCP-5266, and videos can be safely viewed and saved after the initial event has concluded.

SCP-5266-1 instances are typically titled consistently with internet clickbait, featuring exaggerated descriptions of the contents of the video in all capital letters.2 Each video is a recording of a previous SCP-5266 event, featuring a single subject suffering the effects of such while accompanied by a song written and performed by American disco group Village People. The videos always end with several seconds of a black screen, with a short series of high-pitched tones and bursts of static playing over it.3

SCP-5266-1 videos are commonly recorded from any security cameras or other recording devices present on the scene, proven by camera angles and video quality. The cameras are reverted back to a normal state with no signs of tampering after the event concludes. In the event that an incident occurs in an area without pre-existing cameras, the video appears to be shot from an unknown handheld device by an unknown operator, indicated by swaying of the camera present in the video along with the faint sound of breathing. It is noted that no victims of SCP-5266 have ever been seen to react to the presence of the camera's operator, and no physical traces have been left behind to date. Research into a potential camera operator POI and further sub-anomalies is pending.

Upon opening an SCP-5266-1 video, an as-of-yet unidentified toxic substance4 immediately begins entering the viewer's bloodstream through anomalous means, at a rate ensuring that a fatal dose is reached exactly as the video ends. It is noted that SCP-5266-1 video instances are unable to be paused, and will continue playing even if no power source is present. In 32% of cases, all exits out of the immediate area will spontaneously lock themselves if possible. Upon the music in the video beginning to play, 4 to 7 instances of SCP-5266-2 will manifest in the immediate area, usually hidden from sight or otherwise slightly obstructed.

SCP-5266-2 instances are human shrunken heads genetically identical to past or present members of the aforementioned Village People. SCP-5266-2 instances wear a variety of different headpieces, including cowboy hats, police helmets, hard hats and Native-American headdresses. Instances are capable of motion, and upon manifesting will immediately begin to sing along to the song playing in the active SCP-5266-1 video in unison, with instances serving as backup singers or solo singers as necessary. SCP-5266-2 instances will continue to vocalize until either being damaged or coming into contact with the current target of SCP-5266's effects.

In order to halt the effects of an SCP-5266 event, all active instances of SCP-5266-2 must be made to cease vocalizing by either of the aforementioned means. Upon doing so, the toxin will immediately vanish from the subject's body and the heads will lose all anomalous properties aside from origin. At this point subjects will most likely survive, but it is still possible for them to succumb to the lingering symptoms of the toxin if they have pre-existing health conditions.

Instance Logs:

Addendum 5266-A6: On 08/11/2016 at 2:07 PM, during cross-testing of SCP-████ and SCP-████ at Site-26, a Type-E7 Dimensional Rift was produced resulting in the manifestation of an M-Class Thaumaturgical Arch-Entity.5 Containment of 11 Euclid-Class objects and 3 Keter-Class objects was nearly breached by the entity and 27 onsite personnel were memetically compromised, when incident 5266-A6 ocurred.

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