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Item #: SCP-5262

Object Class: Safe Neutralized Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5262 is housed within the ornithology department of Site-83. Access to SCP-5262 is not restricted and researchers wishing to observe the anomaly are free to do so without any specific authorizations.

Description: SCP-5262 is an adult female European herring gull (Larus argentatus). Upon visiting a beach, it constructs a structure out of sand, resembling a traditional sandcastle. These are almost always engraved with writing in the Breton language1 celebrating Brittany as an independent state before its integration to France in the Middle Ages, and advocating for secession and independence from the rest of the country. Common inscriptions include "Bevet Breizh !" (long live Brittany!) and "Ar Breizh frank a vo trec'h !" (free Brittany will triumph!).

The resulting sand structures present no anomalous properties. Following the erection of a structure, SCP-5262 will observe human reactions to its production. As advocacy for Breton independence is fairly uncommon in modern times, human subjects often react mockingly, resulting in signs of frustration in SCP-5262.

On 2017/09/05, SCP-5262 was captured in order to investigate its motivations and evaluate its knowledge of the history of Brittany. The following interview was lead by Dr Le Mesre and translated from Breton.


Dr Le Mesre: Hello… can you understand me?

(SCP-5262 begins writing in the sand of its enclosure using its beak)

SCP-5262: Bevet Breizh !

Dr Le Mesre: Um. I would like to know your reasons for supporting Breton independence.

(SCP-5262 stares at Dr Le Mesre)

Dr Le Mesre: And also… how much… you know about Breton history.

SCP-5262: Our culture has been smothered by the Government of Paris for centuries. It is time to restore the past glory of this Region.

Dr Le Mesre: Alright, yes. However, have you not noticed some… reluctance from the public, as of late?

SCP-5262: People have forgotten. Reminding them about the issue is a necessity.

Dr Le Mesre: For how long have you engaged in those activities? Can you give me… a starting date?

SCP-5262: Sadly, I did not learn to embrace my culture early enough.

Dr Le Mesre: May I ask whether you are aware of any differences between you and other seagulls?

SCP-5262: It is obvious. How could I not see it?

Dr Le Mesre: Are you aware of any other individuals with the same… behavior?

SCP-5262: It appears to me you are trying to capture them, like you did with me.

Dr Le Mesre: Well, it is my job.

SCP-5262: Alas, I am the only one with this behavior. All the others have forsaken their Breton identity.


On 2018/03/18, SCP-5262 was fitted with a GPS tag and released in order to further study its behavior. However, as it endured more and more mockery from passers-by, SCP-5262 began showing more signs of frustration and eventually stopped building structures. Its activity became limited to scraping words in the sand, with the same meaning as before, but in French rather than Breton.

On 2018/03/23, SCP-5262 showed signs of distress and stopped all anomalous activity. It became withdrawn from the rest of the flock and appeared to not feed as often. Below is an interview of SCP-5262 at that time.


Dr Le Mesre: Hello, SCP-5262. It seems your mood is degrading.

SCP-5262: People annoy me so much. Sometimes, it almost looks like they don't even speak Breton.

Dr Le Mesre: It is a critically endangered regional language.

SCP-5262: What is the Ministry of Culture doing to help with this?

Dr Le Mesre: Exactly how much do you know about the political structure of France?

SCP-5262: Oh, you know, I stopped following the news a long time ago. I couldn't even tell you who's the Prime Minister.

Dr Le Mesre: I have been discussing the possibility of your future recapture with my team. We could provide you with abundant Breton conversation.

SCP-5262: I have to think about this. I like being free.

Dr Le Mesre: Oh, excuse me, but you misspelled the word "free". It's frank, not franck.

(Long pause from SCP-5262)

SCP-5262: I only know Breton from my uncle, I'm not a native speaker.


On 2018/03/26, all signs of negativity in SCP-5262's demeanor had worn away. It had fully returned to the flock and fed as necessary. As SCP-5262's behavior is now indistinct from that of its non-anomalous con-specifics, it was reclassified as Neutralized and tracking was halted.

Addendum: On 2020/05/20, two years after previous observations, a female European herring gull matching SCP-5262's description was sighted in the French region of Corsica. It has been seen building sand structures and engraving them with the inscription "Free Corsica!" in the Corsican language. Investigation is under way.

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