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Item #: SCP-5252

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the operative zone of SCP-5252 remaining immobile, Area-5252 encompasses SCP-5252, its known range of travel, and a one kilometer buffer zone.

The four meter tall barrier is constructed of 5 centimeter diameter galvanized steel bars spaced 14.5 centimeters apart to allow for passage of snow in the event of an avalanche. Solid concrete shelters for personnel must be accessible at all times. No alterations or additions to land, flora, or fauna are permitted. All Foundation members are to undergo training protocol BSC-5252 to minimize damage to the area before being assigned to Area-5252. (Revision as of 10/23/20██. See Addendum-3, Incident Report-5252-2).

Description: SCP-5252 is an approximately two meter tall humanoid entity of indeterminate race and gender which carries an oil lantern. Reported details regarding its appearance are sparse and unclear. SCP-5252 travels at will by unknown means throughout a 26.3 square kilometer section of land located in the central region of Nepal, within the Himalayan mountains. The area includes a remote mountain pass, numerous hiking trails, and a local village.

A pattern of injuries, thefts, and disappearances has been attributed to SCP-5252. Most often seen on adjacent peaks or trails moving along at a walking pace, sightings of this entity date back in local records to 1435, but oral tradition puts the potential first emergence of SCP-5252 within the 12th century. Instances of this entity coming into closer range of observers are primarily during inclement weather.

Reports indicate that lone or paired climbers, who become lost, often mistake it for a Sherpa or rescuer and follow the entity back to the trail head. SCP-5252 has only been observed as a dark outline of a tall humanoid figure. SCP-5252 stays several meters ahead of the observer and does not respond to verbal commands or inquiries, regardless of the language spoken.

Once the observed figure reaches the trail head, it will stop and wait for the hiker(s) to catch up to it. Survivors report that the brightness of the lantern makes any details of the figure indistinguishable, but a dark hand is held out, open palm, to the lone or nearest human. If the individual fails to present SCP-5252 with an item, it will take an object by force or inflict non-lethal injury. No deaths have yet been attributed to SCP-5252. (Revision as of 10/13/20██. See Addendum-1.)

Sightings and encounters with SCP-5252 have been found to be increasing in conjunction with rising numbers of tourists in the area.

During Foundation operations to gather intelligence on SCP-5252 within the village, an incident involving two tourist hikers occurred 10/13/20██. One survivor and one local serving as a Sherpa were taken into Foundation custody and interviewed. Determining the facts of the event and entity motivations considered top priority by Dr. Clarke, assigned head researcher for SCP-5252 and Area-5252.

All Foundation containment activities are to be put on hold until reauthorization is given. Further investigation into SCP-5252 is ongoing.
32 hours after the incident on 10/21/20██, the individual referred to as the "Jaḍāna" by Mr. Adhikari was located by investigation agents and brought in for questioning by Dr. Clarke


A fire-damaged, leather-bound journal was recovered from the wreckage of a civilian home by Dr. Clarke and translated from Nepalese. Legible pages include the following:

Attempts to locate Sang Acharya, the author of the journal, have been unsuccessful. Security personnel followed human tracks from the found journal for nearly 4 kilometers, heading towards the nearest mountain peak, before the trail became impassable. A torn piece of parchment, identical to the makeup of the journal previously referenced, was found near the wreckage of the village.

Sightings of a second iteration of SCP-5252, henceforth referred to as SCP-5252-A, have been sighted alongside SCP-5252 and documented by security personnel.

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