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Item #: SCP-5248

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The area around SCP-5248 has been purchased and all houses demolished under Cover Story Phi-6 ("Construction Site") to prevent interaction with SCP-5248. Citizens found approaching SCP-5248 are to be removed from the premises. SCP-5248 is not to be in the vicinity of any devices capable of connecting to the Internet.

Description: SCP-5248 is composed of two anomalies, SCP-5248-A and SCP-5248-B. SCP-5248-A is a CRT monitor with a spinning logo of Prometheus Labs on the screen. Under the logo is the words "Uploading to WAN…". When in close proximity to a device able to connect to the Internet, SCP-5248-A will attempt to do so; it will then use the device as a proxy to connect to a server with the name

SCP-5248-B is a corpse in a cross-legged pose connected to SCP-5248-A through a wire constructed from an indeterminate material. At the base of SCP-5248-B's neck is a PS/2 port. It is currently unknown how SCP-5248 remains alive despite signs of severe malnutrition.

Discovery: After the Foundation acquisition of Sangkatauhan Para sa Pangkaraniwang Katauhan (SPK).The Sangkatauhan Para sa Pangkaraniwang Katauhan (lit. Society For Humanity's Normalcy) was a society created by University of the Philippines (UP) students during the Marcos era to protect normalcy, as the Marcos regime was using anomalies to enforce Martial Law. After the end of Martial Law, UP officials subsumed the SPK into their structure. However, on 2001, with the heavy support of Bill Clinton, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo signed the Foundation-Normalcy Keeping Agencies Agreement, promising to merge all normalcy keeping agencies under the Foundation by 2010. Today, the former base of the SPK is now known as Site-901. in 2003, a suspended case file by Among Justin about SCP-5248 was found and reopened for investigation. Investigation was slow due to missing information and lack of investigation done by the SPK themselves. However, when local news reports around the area of SCP-5248 reported the smell of corpses and trash emanating from the building SCP-5248 was purported to be located in, Foundation agents were immediately sent to investigate SCP-5248. Although SCP-5248 was located in the center of the house, the piles of rotten cans of food, dirty bottles of water, and salvaged computer parts made it hard to reach SCP-5248. Current procedures were then formulated and enacted.

Interview with SCP-5248-B: On 2021/03/23, Researcher Jun organized an interview with SCP-5248-B through a terminal connected to the port of SCP-5248-B.

Interviewed: SCP-5248-B
Interviewer: Researcher Jun.

Prologue: Interview was done through a terminal. With permission from Site-901 Director Damaso, Researcher Jun was permitted to use his expertise in Maxwellist religion to form a connection with SCP-5248-B.

<Begin Log>


Hello, SCP-5248-B. I'm Jun.


Let's start with the basics. Name? Age?



Do you have any acquaintances? Parents? Grandparents? Friends?

no parents. only friends. friends helpful.

No parents? Where did they go?

WAN. HIS paradise..WAN's Paradise, accessible through the address, was a website where Maxwellists can upload their consciousness to interact with each other. After financial troubles due to the Dot Com Bubble bursting in the 2000s, it shut down, but not before offering its members a premium to transfer over to Cipher City friends told me.

If they're in WAN's Paradise, aren't you supposed to be there? What are you doing here?

waiting. WAN's call.

The invitation to WAN's Paradise?

yes. WAN's call.

And how long have you been waiting for?


You've been waiting for that long? Damn, you're missing out on WAN's Paradise!

missing out?

It's a fun place to be in! The scenery's nice, the churches always filled with people, and overall a tight-knit community. We know each other by heart, hell some of us are still connected with each other.


hows food there?

The food there's pretty nice. Filling and nutritious too. Hell, sometimes we just cook up food we like out of thin air for our potlucks. Just the community sharing their food while we pray to WAN

(º ﹃ º )

havent eaten in a while… hows drinks there?

Oh the drinks! How can I forget them! They're really freaking delicious, you know! Just do some work, and you get free drinks to sip while you bask under the sun. Sometimes, you can even swim in the pool, if it's not occupied.

pls gib moar stories. parents used to give me stories.

Haha, I can tell you more about my stories in WAN's Paradise, that's for sure. There's this thing we'd use to do where we ask one of the staff to make a street full of cars and we play patintero in in. I even missed class most of the time because of those games.

never had time for games… busy getting money :(

Money's not a problem there either, just play some mini-games and you can have a lot of money instantly. Hell, sometimes you can just hack the game itself to give you infinite money.

unli money, unli food, unli drinks, lot of friends….
pls invite next time, sounds fun… :(

Haha, you sure are right. It was a fun place, that's for sure. Wish I can visit it again.

WAN's Paradise gone???

Sadly, yeah. Well, not really—

b-but WAN will come???? i just need to wait??? but… WAN gone????

i-i need time. bye.

<End Log>

Epilogue: Attempts to reestablish a connection to SCP-5248-B are underway.

Reconnection With SCP-5248-B: On 2021/12/27, Researcher Jun was able to communicate to SCP-5248-B despite previous attempts failing. A log of the conversation is recorded below.

Interviewed: SCP-5248-B
Interviewer: Reearcher Jun.

Prologue: Conversation was done through terminal.

<Begin Log>

Oh, nice! You're chatting again! What I meant was—

parents… gone….

Oh… about that…

friends… gone…

My condolences, SCP-5248-B.

what year is it?


25… years…

I'm sure they're with WAN right now.


Yes. They're currently with WAN.

then… pls help me.


pls help me reach WAN.

Oh… Unfortunately, I am unable to.

pls help me. wanna see WAN, parents, friends.

It is out of my control whether you reach WAN, SCP-5248-B.


I'm sorry, SCP-5248-B. The best I can do is to be here with you.

y. y cant send me over to WAN.

I can't do it, SCP-5248-B. It's impossible to send someone over to WAN.

lie. u been to WAN's Paradise.

Yes, but that doesn't mean that I can send you to WAN.

parents are with WAN. friends are with WAN. pls send me to WAN.

Again, SCP-5248-B, I can't do that. I would gladly help you reach WAN, but I really can't.

pls. parents are with WAN. friends are with WAN. send me to WAN.

SCP-5248-B, I'm going to be honest here, but I wouldn't be able to send you over to WAN. Only those who were chosen by WAN can send you.

lie. u were in WAN's Paradise, therefore u were chosen by WAN. pls send me to WAN.

No, no, no, that's not how it works SCP-5248-B. That's not how any of this works. I can't physically or digitally send you to WAN because I can't.

lie. u were in WAN's Paradise, therefore u were chosen by WAN, therefore u can send me to WAN. pls send me to WAN.

I know you're in pain right now, SCP-5248-B, but you need to accept that your friends and family are gone now. Please, let your memories of your family rest. Remember the good times you had with them and cherish them. Cherish your memories of them like how WAN cherished his followers

send. me. to. WAN. pls. i need it.

SCP-5248-B, I can see you are grieving. I'd suggest you take a break from conversing with me and gather your thoughts and feelings. Condolences to your friends and family, and may we see each other soon, SCP-5248-B. If you need help, I'll be around.


wait no pls dont leave me alone pls pls pls i dont wanna be alone pls just send me to wan pls no no no no no no

<End Log>

Addendum (2022/03/21): On 2022/03/21, when Researcher Jun approached SCP-5248 for routine inspection, the terminal used to communicate to SCP-5248-B displayed this message:

pls pls pls let me goto wan help me goto wan pls its lonely in here.

Further attempts by Researcher Jun to communicate with SCP-5248-B only results in this message appearing. Personnel other than Researcher Jun that attempt to communicate with it are met with a blank screen.

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