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Item #: SCP-5247

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All media coverage of SCP-5247 is to be suppressed or discredited. All witnesses of SCP-5247 events are to be amnesticized.

The area in which SCP-5247 currently resides has been sequestered from the rest of Normandy Isles, Florida. Entry into the civilian household in which SCP-5247 currently resides is prohibited.

Efforts are to be made to relocate SCP-5247's current vector.

Description: SCP-5247 refers to the formation of wind columns near Wellington, Florida. These columns create sounds that are similar to music produced by an ocarina.1 Estimated wind speed ranges from a minimum of 132 kilometers per hour2 to 274 kilometers per hour.3

SCP-5247 is spontaneous in nature, and the method through which it is produced remains unknown.

Addendum-5247: Discovery

SCP-5247 was initially discovered in Palm Beach Community College, Lake Worth, Florida after it sufficiently damaged the window structures as to blow them open.


DATE: 4/21/2014

NOTE: The following recording was obtained via a CCTV camera installed in the classroom.


11:24: The students arrive and take their seats. The professor enters shortly after and begins the lecture.

11:44: A wind strikes the windows, shaking them. The wind loses speed for several minutes.

11:49: The wind blows again, stronger, snapping the window's locks off and blowing them inwards, startling everyone in the classroom. The wind centralizes itself around student Amy Wyneer, blowing her hair with enough force to untie it. Despite the intensity of the winds, Amy remains unharmed, and the winds do not affect the other students.

The first recorded instance of SCP-5247's "music" can be heard. Moments later, rose petals arc through the window in a cylindrical pattern and scatter around Amy, landing on her, the carpet, and on her desk. A soft clinking sound can be heard.

SCP-5247 disappears and the winds cease.

11:53: Amy picks through the rose petals and finds a ring. She wipes her eye and sniffles. She clenches her hand on the ring, quickly places her materials in her backpack and excuses herself from the classroom.


An audio sample of SCP-5247's music has been appended below. All background noise has been edited out.


SCP-5247 has been spotted in Lake Worth National Park, Florida. Video transcript added below.


DATE: 3/21/2015

NOTE: Video footage is taken from CCTV cameras installed in public park.


14:27: Amy Wyneer is seen stepping into view from the side. She meets William Greggs and greets him with an embrace. They sit down on a bench nearby and begin talking.

14:34: Partway through the conversation, Greggs gestures to a ring on her finger. She shakes her head and speaks, gesturing to the ring. She looks to the ground, stroking it. Greggs put a hand on her shoulder. She looks to him and smiles. She places a hand over his. The wind begins blowing. They continue talking.

14:37: Wyneer begins weeping and Greggs comforts her. The wind gains speed. She leans over and sobs on Greggs' shoulder. The wind pushes Greggs to the ground. A harsh whistling can be heard. Wyneers leaps from the bench and yells at SCP-5247. She forcefully removes the ring from her finger and throws it into the grass.

SCP-5247's winds gradually slow before ceasing. Wyneer helps Greggs off the ground and they embrace.



SCP-5247 activities ceased on March 21st, 2015, before resuming on February 14th, 2019. Despite this period of silence, SCP-5247 is presumed to have followed Amy Wyneer for the next four years.

Video log added below.


DATE: 2/14/2019

NOTE: The following video footage was obtained via CCTV cameras in the restaurant Sushi Ray, Boca Raton, Florida.


19:24: The restaurant is filled to near capacity with patrons. Amy Wyneer arrives with civilian male, William Greggs. The hostess seats them at a table near the entrance and they order their meals and drinks.

19:42: Their meals arrive and they begin eating.

19:54: They finish their meal.

20:14: Most of the patrons have left. Greggs retrieves a small black ring box from his coat and opens it, presenting a diamond ring. Amy gasps, smiles, then begins sobbing. She slowly reaches for it.

20:15: The front windows shatter inwards and SCP-5247's high speed winds topple decorations, furniture, utensils and dishes to the ground. They blow the box from Greggs' hand and knock him to the ground. As he struggles to get back up, SCP-5247 rapidly moves to the chandelier above him and rattles it, pulling it free from the ceiling.

20:16: Wyneer gets up and pushes Greggs out of the way, with the chandelier landing on her instead. This results in her death. A loud, lingering screech can be heard. SCP-5247 rapidly loses wind speed and dissipates.


Closing Statement:

As of Addendum-5247-3, all SCP-5247 activities have once again ceased completely.


After the events of Addendum-5247-3, Foundation personnel were deployed to assist in cleanup efforts as well as to amnesticize witnesses of the event. However, moments before they could arrive at the restaurant, SCP-5247 re-appeared, scattered debris and retrieved Amy Wyneer's body, lifting it with high-speed winds.

From there, witnesses across Wellington, Florida reported hearing SCP-5247's music as it transported Amy Wyneer's body to its current location.

The new song is previously unheard. Audio file has been added below.

It brought the corpse to a house addressed under 8787, Forward March Drive and carried the body inside. All attempts at entering the house have resulted in aggressive responses from SCP-5247.

Further investigation reveals that the house was once under the co-ownership of Amy Wyneer and musician Charles Wyneer.

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