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Item #: SCP-5246

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5246 is to be stored in its designated location in the Site-107 kitchen. Use of SCP-5246 by staff is permitted. Staff must clean SCP-5246 after use to prevent damage upon reuse.

Description: SCP-5246 is a cast iron rice pot and lid. When placed on a lit stove or fire for approximately 10 minutes, various varieties of cooked white rice manifests in the empty space inside SCP-5246.

According to PoI-5246-1, other rice based foods may manifest in SCP-5246 under certain conditions.

Food Conditions Notes
Sinangag1 Occurs when SCP-5246 is activated from 6:00 AM to 11:00 AM local time. Confirmed
Suman2 Occurs when SCP-5246 is activated between 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM local time. Confirmed
Lugaw3 Occurs when a sick individual is nearby SCP-5246 when activated. Confirmed when Agent Santos used SCP-5246 while having a slight fever.
Arroz Caldo4 Occurs during Christmas Day. Unconfirmed
Champorado5 Unknown Unconfirmed
Paella6 Unknown Not listed by PoI-5246-1. Occurred once in Foundation custody but was unable to be replicated.

Discovery: SCP-5246 was discovered when a policeman stationed in Barangay █████████, Quezon City, bragged about owning the object, which he took from a house during a drug raid. Foundation agents embedded in local governance were able to confirm the object’s effects, retrieve the object, and issue amnestics to the police officers involved. Foundation personnel looked into the records of the police station and were able to identify the target of the drug raid, hereby a person of interest designated as PoI-5246-1.

Addendum 5246-1: Interview Transcript with PoI-5246-1

Interviewed: PoI-5246-1

Interviewer: Junior Researcher Dizon

Foreword: Junior Researcher Dizon conducted this interview in PoI-5246-1's residence. Dizon poses as a police auditor.

<Begin Log>

Dizon: Greetings Father Pedro. I am Detective Dizon. My department found the police operation at your residence suspicious, and have sent me to interview you for your side of the story.

PoI-5246-1: Welcome, detective. Sorry about the mess, I haven't gone around to clean up after the raid. I'm glad to know my word will still be considered.

Dizon: All part of the job. Now, we did a light background check on you. Clean record before this incident, priest of this barangay7 for around 40 years, also manages a food drive here. Is this correct?

PoI-5246-1: Yes, all of what you said is true. I have my suspicions on why the police targeted me.

Dizon: Go on.

PoI-5246-1: There is this political family called the De Penas. One of their sons is running for office. They asked for my endorsement, but I declined; I wasn't comfortable giving them my endorsement. I have received multiple texts threatening me from random numbers since then, but the police won't do anything about it, since "it's from unknown numbers, we can't do anything about it".

Dizon: I'll keep track on them. Did any of the texts give a warning about the raid?

PoI-5246-1: None. It was sudden. I heard knocks on my door that night, thinking it was another kid who wanted some food or someone to talk to. Suddenly four policemen were barging into my house, saying that they received a tip that I store drugs here. I asked for a warrant but they said they didn't need one.

[Slight pause]

PoI-5246-1: Their leader sat down in front of me said I can choose to give up some of my possessions or go to jail. I didn't want to go to prison. I chose the former.

Dizon: Were you able to remember any of their names?

PoI-5246-1: One of them was named Joey. Overhead them saying it. But they wouldn't tell me their names otherwise.

Dizon: Joey, got it. What did they take from you?

PoI-5246-1: They stole some money I had lying around, some jewelry, and the dinner I was cooking. They left right after.

Dizon: Dinner? Wow, that's harsh. Were you able to eat after?

PoI-5246-1: [Laughs] Thank you for your concern. I had canned food that night.

Dizon: I see. What's the most valuable thing that they stole?

PoI-5246-1: One of the jade gemstones that were gifted to me by one of my parishioners when she was going to move to the States.

Dizon: That's unfortunate. Right. So, this may seem like a strange question -

PoI-5246-1: I've lived many years, I've heard it all, ask away.

Dizon: The rice pot you owned, are you aware of it's effects?

PoI-5246-1: My…my rice pot? Effects? You mean like, how it cooks rice?

Dizon: Yes, it does. Curiously, even if you don't put rice inside it. One of the police officers who were here, posted a video about the rice pot.

Dizon shows a time-lapse video of SCP-5246. Video was taken when SCP-5246 was in Foundation custody

PoI-5246-1: A miracle! That pot is!

Dizon: Did you know about this?

PoI-5246-1: I…I did not.

Dizon: Listen, Father. I understand how much value this object has. I personally think your food drive uses it, and I find it very noble. I want you to trust me, and in return I will make sure it makes its way back to you. I need to know about the rice pot.

PoI-5246-1: I…I understand. I did know about it, and I have been using it to help the people here.

Dizon: Who else knows about it?

PoI-5246-1: I have not told anyone besides the Lord. I keep it hidden from visitors.

Dizon: What can it do?

PoI-5246-1: It, it has a lot of blessings. I'll tell you what I remember.

[Details removed from transcript; see Description for effects]

Dizon: That's a lot, especially arroz caldo during Christmas! The people must love you for that.

PoI-5246-1: Yes yes, a lot of people come during Christmas for that.

Dizon: That's good to hear. One, final question, where did it come from?

PoI-5246-1: During Typhoon Ondoy8, I took a mother and her child in as they had nowhere to go. My house was partially destroyed, but what other help could they receive? Luckily I found the pot floating among the debris, so I took it, rinsed it, and tried to cook two cups of rice for them. Not a lot, but that was all I had. By the grace of God, the miracle of fish and loaves happened again! The pot was full of rice!

Dizon: Did they notice?

PoI-5246-1: They haven't. Would you be able to return it? I desperately need it for the food drive. Money has never been enough for it. The pot was keeping it alive.

Dizon: I'll try my best. I'll report what I know, and I'll try to get the pot back to you. Don't worry about the effects, I'll keep that secret safe with me.

PoI-5246-1: Thank you, detective. The Lord's blessings upon you.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: PoI-5246-1 was administered amnestics by Junior Researcher Dizon.

Addendum 5246-2: Revisions to Containment Procedures

Addendum 5246-3: Incident 5246.A
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