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Item#: 5245
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-5245’s nature, it is currently uncontained. Foundation web-crawlers are to search for SCP-5245 related media, which are to be flagged and taken down. Ships scheduled for sailing that follow SCP-5245’s criteria are to be intervened under the excuse of damage repair. Probes are scattered across the globe to search for potential SCP-5245 manifestations.

During SCP-5245 manifestations, any nearby ships are to be rerouted to avoid collisions, using slightly altered excuses with each new manifestation to prevent a security breach.

Research into possible ways in containing the anomaly are ongoing.

Description: SCP-5245 is an iceberg, measuring approximately 30 meters in height and 121 meters in length, with a thick fog surrounding it. An unidentified voice, believed to be SCP-5245‘s, is present. It also appears to be sentient and displays a similar level of sapience to an average adult human.

SCP-5245‘s main anomaly is its ability to manifest and de-manifest in various locations across multiple large bodies of water almost instantaneously. SCP-5245 is more likely to manifest when the following conditions are met:

  • At least 75% of passengers onboard are tourists.
  • At least 20% of passengers are currently in a relationship.
  • Either rain or a thunderstorm is present.
  • 5-10% of passengers have thalassophobia.Fear of the ocean.

During SCP-5245’s manifestation, the said fog will surround the entirety of the ship. All individuals onboard the targeted vessel would typically be unaware of its existence until in close proximity of it, in which SCP-5245 is unavoidable and is likely to collide with the ship.

After collision, SCP-5245 will immediately de-manifest along with the fog.

Discovery: SCP-5245 was discovered when recent reports of a 'mysterious teleporting iceberg' appeared across multiple newspaper articles and news broadcasts. Surviving individuals claimed it "spoke to them in a holy manner" and "it acted as a being of grander capacity." With the Foundation aware of a potential anomaly, related media was taken down and amnestics were administered to all involved parties and witnesses.

D-556287 was sent in to test whether communication can be held between SCP-5245. (See Addendum 5245.1 for more details.)

Addendum 5245.1 - Interview Log: The following is an interview between D-556287 and SCP-5245.

Interviewed: SCP-5245

Interviewee: D-556287

Foreword: It rained throughout the duration of the interview.

<Begin Log, 08/26/15 2:24pm>

D-556287 grips onto the railing with one hand and holds a clipboard in the other. They are struggling to keep balance.

D-556287: Jesus christ, the floor is so slippery.

A thick fog surrounds the ship. In the distance, D-556287 notices a silhouette of an iceberg, being SCP-5245.

D-556287: (Yelling) Hey, you! Can you hear me over here?

SCP-5245: There is no need to raise your voice. I can hear you perfectly fine. What is it that you seek?

D-556287: I’m sent here to ask you some questions. Is that okay with you?

SCP-5245: Not surprised someone else sent you to be disposed of just for some clarifications, but out of pity, I shall abide. Proceed with your inquiries.

D-556287 sits down while still holding onto the railing, squinting at the clipboard.

D-556287: For starters, what are you exactly? Is it true you are some sort of deity from what people said?

SCP-5245: (Mumbles and clears throat) Yes, it’s true. I am but another being constructed to wreak havoc upon mankind. I was built from their frostbiting cruelness to turn against them, against humanity.

D-556287: Why, though? What do you benefit from all this charade?

SCP-5245: One word, entertainment.

SCP-5245 cracks up before bursting out in laughter.

SCP-5245: Because you humans are so humorous.

D-556287: Wait, what?

SCP-5245: I give up, I give up. (Laughs) I can’t keep it in anymore. It’s amazing how my acting skills got people interviewing me now.

D-556287: So…you’re not a deity?

SCP-5245: Of course not. Who would believe such a ridiculous statement? I’m just another iceberg, that’s all.

D-556287: But, why? Why are you making all this shit up for?

SCP-5245: For fun.


D-556287: And?

SCP-5245: That’s it.

D-556287: What do you mean "that’s it"? You do all of this just for your own personal gain?

SCP-5245: Well, when you’re a teleporting iceberg, what else are you supposed to do? Don’t expect me to sprout legs and donate to charity or some stupid shit like that.

D-556287: Look, I’m just here to ask you some questions. There’s no need to be so rude.

SCP-5245: As if you’re not the same.

D-555287: (Deep sigh) Okay. How ‘bout I ask you one more question, and I’ll be on my way.

SCP-5245: On your way to hell when I’m done with all of you.


D-556287: I’ll leave you alone if you just cooperate with me on this, alright?

SCP-5245: Fine, I’m tired of talking to you anyways.

D-556287: Oh, for the love of- (Clears throat.) Okay.

D-556287 searches through the notes.

D-556287: This one seems good enough. Are you aware of the many casualties you’ve caused?

SCP-5245: Yes, and I’m proud.

D-556287: Oh, really?

SCP-5245: Mhm. If it weren’t for me, the Titanic wouldn’t be as popular.

D-556287: …I beg your pardon?

SCP-5245: I sunk the Titanic.

D-556287: You sunk the Titanic?

SCP-5245: Yes.

D-556287: So, you’re the iceberg that killed hundreds of thousands of people? Men, women, children, injured or dead because of you?

SCP-5245: Yes, and business was booming because of me. Sure I get nothing from it, but hey, impersonation is the best form of flattery, am I right? They made me look real good.

D-556287: They didn’t even know you were alive, though. You can’t really say that as if they do know.

SCP-5245: Still, great achievement of mine.

D-556287: I can’t believe you’re talking about murdering so many people so casually.

SCP-5245: Hey, you have your infamous serial killers. Don’t judge me, alright? Besides, I think it’s about time you leave my sight. Get lost, mortal.

Silence for 15 seconds.

D-556287: Fuck off.

<End Log, 08/26/15 2:31pm>

Closing Statement: The cruise ship was steered away from SCP-5245 and D-556287 was retrieved shortly after.

During the interview, SCP-5245 claimed to be the same iceberg that sunk the Titanic. Whether or not this claim held truth is as of yet unknown.

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