Item#: SCP-5243
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Secondary Class:
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Acroamatic Abatement Facility AAF-D, 09/08/2020, photographed with a monochrome camera

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-5243 is a recurrent catastrophic containment failure, it is "contained" through amelioration of its effects.

Every year, on the eighth day of September, the following actions must be taken at Site-43:

Any actions timed to the precise second have extremely narrow windows of opportunity
Local Time Action Required
06:00:— Technical and support personnel must be fully prepared for immediate repair or reconstruction of all containment apparatus Site-wide for all subjects. All containment subjects receptive to anesthesia or tranquilization must be anesthetized or tranquilized.
17:18:22 Dr. D. Deering must be executed by lethal injection.
18:00:— All personnel without containment duties must be confined to quarters.
18:21:13 Technical and support personnel must begin repairing or reconstructing all containment apparatus Site-wide.
18:21:— Site Director Dr. A. McInnis must fail to answer his redline telephone.
18:22:25 Dr. H. Blank must be present in his designated research laboratory, where he must make the following remark: "What was that?"
18:22:34 Dr. McInnis must answer his redline telephone.
18:22:— Janitorial and Maintenance Chief N. Nascimbeni must leave his office and approach Acroamatic Abatement Facility AAF-D.
18:23:41 Chief Nascimbeni must reach the airlock for Facility AAF-D.
18:24:20 Dr. McInnis must alert the Security and Containment Section to a containment breach scenario in AAF-D by telephone.
18:24:31 Former Security and Containment Chief D. Ibanez must deactivate the security bullpen intercom and shout "You heard the man! Radcliffe, Gwilherm, Mukami, double time!" after hearing the content of Dr. McInnis' call. She must look or point at each individual as they are named.
18:24:33 Chief Nascimbeni must shout "Is anyone in there?" through the AAF-D airlock.
18:25:09 Dr. U. Okorie must seal Containment Cell CC-AO147 in the Applied Occultism Section.
18:25:— Dr. W. Wettle must exit his designated research laboratory and proceed north down the hallway.
18:26:01 Dr. Wettle will and must be collided with.
18:26:35 Chief Nascimbeni must instruct agents Gwilherm, Mukami and Radcliffe to enter AAF-D and activate the thaumic overflow relief system.
18:26:48 Chief Nascimbeni must seal the AAF-D airlock after the structural integrity alarm activates, with all three agents still inside.
18:26:53 Dr. L. Lillihammer must seal off the Security and Containment Section from her security terminal.

If the above-named individuals are unavailable to perform their containment duties, their assigned surrogates must be enlisted to replace them.

The following personnel must perish:

  • Ambrogi, Romolo
  • Deering, Dr. Dougall
  • Del Olmo, Dr. Bernabé
  • Gwilherm, Janet
  • Markey, David
  • Mukami, Ana
  • Radcliffe, Stewart
  • Wirth, Dr. Reuben
  • Zlatá, Dr. Adrijan

Any individuals terminated by new occurrences of SCP-5243 must be added to this list.

Description: SCP-5243 is an annual cascade containment breach/unstable time loop occurring in the Acroamatic Abatement, Applied Occultism, and Security and Containment Sections of Site-43. Dramatic local reality alterations will revive and subsequently terminate seven eight nine deceased Foundation personnel and damage containment apparatus throughout the Site.


Security footage still of Acroamatic Abatement Facility AAF-D, 8 September 2012.

The Security and Containment Section of Site-43 maintains custody of thirty-four objects or entities of a thaumaturgical nature. Their containment chambers are strategically located directly above the Applied Occultism Section, where esoteric substances produced by these subjects — and others like them at Foundation facilities worldwide — are studied. Applied Occultism is located directly above the Acroamatic Abatement Section, which converts said esoteric substances into less potent industrial effluence. The "stacking" of these facilities allows waste products from supernatural subjects to proceed vertically from their original sources, to study in Applied Occultism, to neutralization in Acroamatic Abatement. It also led to the events of 8 September 2002, detailed below.

Incident Report AAFD-I-117
Date: 09/08/2002
Officer of Record: D. Ibanez (Chief of Security and Containment)
Consulting: Dr. A. McInnis, N. Nascimbeni (Chief of Janitorial and Maintenance), Dr. U. Okorie

Summary: At 18:21 hours, undetected emissions from an anomalous subject in the Security and Containment Section seeped into Acroamatic Abatement Facility AAF-D via Applied Occultism, triggering a catastrophic overload. Orphic outflow reached critical recondicity, and a materials containment breach occurred.. Orphic outflow is spectral material. Its recondicity variable describes the extent to which it has become too esoteric to be contained within Euclidean geometry. Refinement tanks and disposal conduits burst, and a chain reaction of thaumic events cascaded back up the line and throughout all three Site Sections. A brief torrent of supernatural activity followed, much of it counter-chronological in nature, with effects including but not limited to:

  • The retroactive and asymmetrical erasure of the above-mentioned entity. The contours of this subject's existence can be traced in some Foundation documentation and historical records, but no hint of its nature or characteristics has survived save for cryptic references to a being known as "The Uncontained."
  • Increases/decreases in the number of visible/tangible dimensions
  • Transfiguration of equipment and personnel
  • Colour spectrum shifts
  • Dermal recession
  • Non-linear progression of time
  • Apparition of extra-dimensional beings
  • Gravitational inversion
  • Noogenesis in inanimate objects
  • Synaesthesia, aphasia, glossolalia, xenolalia
  • Linguistic reification
  • Corporeal evaporation
  • Apotheosis
  • Xerostomia

Detailed Report: At 18:18 hours on 8 September 2002, Site-43 Director Dr. A. McInnis vacated his office to use his personal washroom. He therefore did not receive a telephone call directed to his redline receiver at 18:21 by Janitorial and Maintenance Section technician R. Ambrogi, requesting instructions for the handling of an emergent situation in AAF-D. (Established protocol calls for an immediate activation of the Site-43 Containment Breach Warning System in such a scenario. Technician Ambrogi was either improperly trained, or had forgotten his training.) Ambrogi then attempted to activate the alarm system, but was struck by a burst of orphic outflow and biologically inverted.

At 18:22, fourteen processing tanks ruptured in AAF-D. Dr. H. Blank heard the ruptures in his research laboratory, and remarked upon them. Associate researcher Dr. R. Wirth exited the laboratory in search of the origin of the disruption.

At this time, J&M technician D. Markey successfully activated the alarm system and telephoned Dr. McInnis for further instructions. Dr. McInnis returned from the washroom, received technician Markey's report, and telephoned the Site-43 Security and Containment Section to organize a response. Agent J. Gwilherm received the call and played it over the bullpen intercom. S&C Chief D. Ibanez dispatched agents Gwilherm, A. Mukami and S. Radcliffe to AAF-D.

J&M Chief N. Nascimbeni, automatically paged by the alarm system, arrived at the airlock to AAF-D at 18:23 alongside researcher Wirth. Wirth was pulled into AAF-D by a translucent orange tentacle and disappeared. (Chief Nascimbeni cannot account for his actions over the succeeding sixty seconds.) At 18:24 Chief Nascimbeni called out to any personnel still alive within AAF-D, simultaneous to the appearance of technician Markey at the end of the airlock approach hallway. For unknown reasons, upon hearing Chief Nascimbeni's voice technician Markey stopped running and turned around. A wave of steam passed over him and he collapsed, converting to coloured droplets as he fell. An inexplicable gust of air pulled these droplets deeper into the facility, from which screaming could now be heard.

At this time Dr. U. Okorie, in the Applied Occultism Section, exited a containment cell and sealed it behind her. This action prevented serious damage to Applied Occultism during the cascade containment breach.

The three S&C agents were briefly delayed when they encountered Dr. W. Wettle in the passage leading to AAF-D and all four individuals fell to the ground. Dr. Wettle struck his head on the floor and became immobile. Following protocol, the agents left him where he lay and proceeded to AAF-D.

At 18:25 the three S&C agents reached the AAF-D airlock and conferred with Chief Nascimbeni. He instructed them to activate the thaumic overflow relief system at the end of the hallway, through the airlock. Just before they reached the controls, the automatic structural integrity alarm for AAF-D activated and Chief Nascimbeni sealed the airlock behind the agents.

The cascade containment breach damaged one containment cell in the Security and Containment Section at this time, before Dr. L. Lillihammer could activate the security seals. One subject in containment was obliterated. (It is now believed that this subject was itself responsible for the breach.)

At 18:26, the agents within AAF-D successfully activated the thaumic overflow relief system. Within two minutes the entire facility had been flushed of esoteric material, and further S&C personnel were dispatched to search the premises for survivors. J&M technician P. Deering was found alive and taken to Health and Pathology Section for treatment. All other personnel were found significantly altered and presumed dead. Their remains included:

  • Technician Ambrogi's inside-out corpse;
  • A human form (in an S&C uniform) which could not be identified, as it had been transfigured into a specimen of Cladrastis lutea (yellowwood);
  • A multi-coloured liquid matching Chief Nascimbeni's description of technician Markey's transformation, roughly 50% aerosolized and 50% coating the remains of the above subject;
  • A "rope" of wound biological material precisely two millimetres in diameter running the entire length of Facility AAF-D seventeen times over;
  • Five hundred and seventy-two life-sized, photorealistic, two-dimensional representations of agent Mukami frozen in a state of extreme distress;
  • An inescapable sense of "presence" in a third-floor washroom facility experienced by all searching personnel, which dissipated after twenty-four hours.

Subsequent to this search, Dr. Bernabé Del Olmo was declared missing. He had last been seen interviewing the subject in the annihilated containment cell. At 21:14 new grouting was discovered between the tiles in the central control room of AAF-D. Analysis revealed a DNA match with Dr. Del Olmo.

Dr. Dougall Deering was found dead outside facility AAF-D at the conclusion of the above events. It is assumed that he had been startled by the volume of the anomalous effects occurring therein, and suffered a heart attack. Dr. Wettle was collected after the breach by Health and Pathology Section staff, and treated for a mild concussion.

Investigations are pending.


Remains of Dr. Bernabé Del Olmo (partial)

8 September every year features an exact reprise of these events. Facility AAF-D has been renovated, reconstructed, and completely reorganized multiple times in the succeeding years. Equipment has been updated, fittings have been refitted, and materials routing has been optimized to ensure safe operation at all times. The facility has even been decommissioned, and its functions transferred to AAF-B and AAF-C. Nevertheless, SCP-5243 continues to recur. For seven minutes each year, the entire facility reverts to its 2002 configuration.. Individuals within AAF-D when these transitions occur suffer no obvious ill effects, but should take care not to occupy space which is otherwise occupied by machinery or structural elements in either iteration of the facility.

Each of the personnel killed in 2002, and one additional casualty from 2015, will be returned to life by SCP-5243 sixty seconds before the moments of their deaths. They are sapient human beings with physical forms and agency, and will behave as they did in 2002/2015 so long as the appropriate contextual triggers are received. If they are interfered with, it is possible for them to miss their appointments with SCP-5243. They may survive, and containment will have failed.


Addendum: Incident Report AAFD-I-118
Date: 09/08/2003
Officer of Record: D. Ibanez (Chief of Security and Containment)

Summary: It was initially believed that of the eight personnel who perished on 09/08/2002, only seven were directly killed by the actual containment failure. Dr. Dougall Deering's death was believed to be a separate incident. Nevertheless, when the anomaly now classified as SCP-5243 recurred in 2003, it resurrected all eight individuals. Dr. Deering then died again, in precisely the same manner as he had done in the original event. The newly-drafted Special Containment Procedures for this anomaly include the stipulation that Dr. Deering not be interfered with.

Update 09/08/2013: Dr. Deering has been resurrected by SCP-5243 as per usual, but has not expired. Security and Containment Chief D. Ibanez has executed him on the order of Director McInnis to prevent potential timeline disruptions.

Update 09/08/2014: Dr. Deering's execution must now take place annually, and has been added to the Special Containment Procedures.

Chief Ibanez has officially protested the indefinite extension of Dr. Deering's item in the Special Containment Procedures, and I am so noting here. I can only say, by means of explanation, that once the alternate timelines SCP-5243 has created are declassified and the events which took place there are made known, it will become perfectly clear why we aren't taking any chances with the creation of new ones.

Do your duties. Dr. Deering is doing his, in a way.

— A.J. McInnis (Director, Site-43)

I've been in those timelines with you, sir, and my protest stands. Find yourself a new S&C chief.

— D. Ibanez (Chief Without Portfolio)

Addendum: Incident Report AAFD-I-119
Date: 09/08/2015
Officer of Record: R. Pensak (Chief of Security and Containment)

Remains of Dr. Adrijan Zlatá (partial)

Summary: Critical scheduling mishap. Hiring and Regulation Section system corruption resulted in the assignment of Dr. A. Zlatá to new quarters not in the Habitation and Sustenance Section, but in Acroamatic Abatement Facility AAF-D. Such quarters do not, of course, exist, and Dr. Zlatá wandered the facility until SCP-5243 occurred.

At 18:25 hours Dr. Zlatá was struck by a bolt of light from a ruptured paraspectral grounding conduit and converted to forty-seven half-lemons with bright pink skin and light blue flesh.

No timeline alterations occurred.

I wish this goddamn anomaly didn't have my forwarding address.

So, this isn't the first time new personnel have been improperly briefed on the special schedule for 8 September, but it is the first time it's been fatal. Sampi-5243 have our hands full dealing with the actual breach, and since we can't have random FNGs walking into our little anniversary party a bit of inter-Sectional cooperation would be a big help.

I know it's been a long haul, but can we please not get complacent re: our annual magic gunk explosion? I can't believe I just typed those words.

— D. Ibanez (Chief of Pursuit and Suppression)

Update [09/08/2020]: All subsequent occurrences of SCP-5243 have included this event. Dr. Zlatá's remains, currently 282 half-lemons, are stored in a secure freezer at Site-43. Proposals to subject these remains to acroamatic abatement procedures are on hold indefinitely.

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