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ITEM:SCP-5241 LEVEL3/5241
CLASS:maksur confidential



Note its antimemetic properties.

SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: SCP-5241 has remained inert since 1996/04/10, and appears to be Neutralized; instead, containment priority is to be assigned to SCP-5241-A. Inspection of SCP-5241's processes is to be performed by a viable prototype of PROJECT RUBY prior to its disassembly.

As of 1996/04/10, SCP-5241-A has breached containment. Containment efforts are to be focused on monitoring internet sites and databases for informational patterns matching SCP-5241-A's unique signature. Due to its mutative properties, the continual development of new Class-S/5241 mnestics is considered infeasible. As such, select Artificial Intelligence Applications Division (AIAD) personnel are to work with the Counterconceptual Division to develop PROJECT RUBY ("Mnemosyne"): an Artificially-Intelligent Conscript (.aic) specializing in the detection and deconstruction of antimemetic encryption. This agent is to disable and retrieve relevant entities resembling SCP-5241-A for AIAD review.

SCP-5241-B are to be kept separate at all costs; they are to be prevented from transferring to advanced electronic systems and are to be encrypted and contained in isolated, low-capacity drives. Personnel possessing a CRV (Cognitive Resistance Value) below 14.0 are susceptible to assimilation by SCP-5241-B agents; as such, personnel are to proceed with extreme caution when within a 3-meter radius of any system inhabited by SCP-5241-B.

CONTAINMENT COMMITTEE NOTICE: At this time, claims from GoI-004 regarding a connection between SCP-5241-A and SCP-001 remain unverified. Due to the similarities of their respective containment procedures, SCP-5241-A has been classified as Maksur1 until such claims can be conclusively ruled out.


A digital recreation of
SCP-5241's inscription.

DESCRIPTION: SCP-5241 is an 8cm x 8cm x 8cm cube-shaped device which is believed to be a containment mechanism for SCP-5241-A. It is composed of an unknown material, exhibiting an antimemetic property which causes personnel to be unable to retain information regarding its physical and chemical properties; this includes its visual information, resulting in the anomaly's appearance as a transparent cube frame when the viewer is not within its sphere of influence. One face of SCP-5241 features inscribed symbols in an as-of-yet-unknown language, pending identification and translation by the Linguistics Department (See ADDENDUM 5241.4).

SCP-5241-A is a telepathic artificial intelligence of unknown origin; it can interact with, and transfer itself to, any electronic and/or digital informational systems (including biological nervous systems) within a sphere of influence of varying size2. This agent was previously contained within SCP-5241, but breached containment on 1996/04/10 and remains uncontained at this time (See ADDENDUM 5241.3 for further details). SCP-5241-A is currently distributed over a series of unknown data servers and network connections and is attempting to avoid detection by Foundation personnel.

SCP-5241-A's antimemetic infosignature.

SCP-5241-A is theorized to be an Adaptive Distributed Intelligence (ADI); it possesses a gestalt consciousness that can be divided to adapt to technological restrictions. It is hypothesized that the necessary technology to simulate SCP-5241-A in its entirety does not yet exist; due to this, SCP-5241-A distributes its processes across a variable number of subintelligences (collectively designated as SCP-5241-B). At this time, one SCP-5241-B agent has been contained; SCP-5241-B-1 is a component intelligence that divided from SCP-5241 during its initial breach (see ADDENDUM 5241.2 for further details).

SCP-5241-A's infosignature3 is encrypted through antimemetic mutation, rendering targeted mnestics ineffective due to manufacturing delay. As of 1996/04/10, a prototype of PROJECT RUBY ("Mnemosyne") is still in progress.

DISCOVERY: SCP-5241 was discovered on 1996/04/01 following a site-wide documentation conversion. As Site-41 archives were being relocated and converted from vinyl to an electronic format, an additional chamber labeled "SCP-5241" was found on Sub-Level 04. A series of documents sharing this label were found to have universally experienced inexplicable errors during conversion; additionally, their vinyl counterparts had already been erased as per conversion protocol, leading to the loss of all documentation regarding SCP-5241. Additionally, site personnel claimed to possess no prior knowledge of the anomaly.

ADDENDUM 5241.1:

Minor Breach Report: During SCP-5241's transport from Site-41 to Site-15 on 1996/04/06, its Long-Haul Containment Vehicle operator failed to send a safety transmission at their third checkpoint. Subsequent inspection of video footage revealed that the vehicle had not reached any of its safety checkpoints, despite sending appropriate safety transmissions for the first two.

Approximately 9 hours later, the vehicle was located in a rural area several miles offroad; while all anomalies remained contained, LHCV operator ██████ ██████ was found comatose with their spinal cord fused to the vehicle's electronics system through unknown means. MTF personnel escorted the vehicle and its contents to Site-15. After being surgically separated from the vehicle, the fused operator and electronics system (hereafter designated SCP-5241-1) were placed on life-support mechanisms.

ADDENDUM 5241.2:

ADDENDUM 5241.3:

ADDENDUM 5241.4:

ADDENDUM 5241.5:

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