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From the Office of the Ethics Committee

Draft and review packet for document SCP-5236

SEALED to the Ethics Committee under Article III of the Foundational Mandate

Level-E5 clearance required for access

Level-O5 clearance may be accepted by petition on a case-by-case basis.

Provisional Document: Special Containment Procedure

Ethics Committee Approval


Author(s): Senior Researcher Lee Corbett

Revision #: 1

Item #: SCP-5236

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5236 is to be contained in situ, as relocation of the anomaly has proved to be highly impractical. Laboratory S19-12B has been cleared of all research materials and reconfigured into a containment cell/observation area. A standard blast enclosure has been constructed around SCP-5236, monitored both internally and externally for thermal, optical, and audio emissions.

Description: SCP-5236 is an unstructured discontinuity in Einsteinian spacetime, encompassing a roughly 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 meter 4-polytope of disordered space. The rapidly-shifting four-dimensional topology of SCP-5236 is inhospitable to ordinary matter, causing destructive malformations to instruments inserted through the boundary layer. While safe transit into or out of SCP-5236 is impossible with presently available technology, visible light is able to escape the interior, albeit heavily distorted.

SCP-5236 is located in a room in the Site-19 Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department, formerly designated as Laboratory S19-12B. The three-dimensional volume of the discontinuity surrounds the space formerly occupied by a portion of a laboratory bench, a desk chair, and the bodily remains of Senior Technician Sasha Elliot1, all of which are intermittently visible through its rapidly-shifting surface topology. As SCP-5236 is spatiotemporally fixed to the reference frame of Senior Technician Elliot, and there is no known method by which her remains could be transported to a standard containment chamber, Laboratory S19-12B has been repurposed for containment of SCP-5236.

SCP-5236 manifested at 10:29 PM MST on the evening of 03-02-2023, as documented in Incident Report 5236-A. Though Senior Technician Elliot was alone at the time of the incident, the event was captured on video by the Site-19 CCTV system.

Incident Report 5236-A, as documented by the Site-19 CCTV system on 03-02-2023

7:00 PM — S19-12B: Senior Technician Sasha Elliot and Junior Technician James Wnoroski are present, engaged in materials analysis and research.

7:16 PM — S19-12B: Junior Technician Wnoroski closes his workstation and departs the laboratory. He subsequently exits the building.

8:25 PM — Hallway 12: Senior Technician Elliot departs the laboratory and proceeds to the nearby women's restroom. Senior Technician Elliot is subsequently out of view of the Site-19 CCTV system for six minutes.

8:31 PM — Hallway 12: Senior Technician Elliot leaves the women's restroom and returns to S19-12B. She appears agitated, and her movements are erratic.

9:38 PM — S19-12B: Senior Technician Elliot falls asleep at her workstation after a prolonged period of inactivity. Her sleep is restless.

9:55 PM — S19-12B: Senior Technician Elliot abruptly awakens. She is observed to scream, and falls out of her desk chair. Senior Technician Elliot makes several failed attempts to regain her footing over the next 34 minutes.

10:29 PM — S19-12B: Senior Technician Elliot exhibits signs of a grand mal seizure for 13 seconds. A bright flash of light overwhelms the optics of the Site-19 CCTV system for an additional 4 seconds. By the time visibility is restored, SCP-5236 has manifested in the space previously occupied by the technician.

During investigation of Incident 5236-A, illegal narcotics were discovered in Senior Technician Elliot's Foundation-issued laptop bag. Junior Technician Wnoroski admitted that he was aware of Sasha Elliot's ongoing drug abuse, yet chose not to notify his superiors. He further testified that Elliot made a habit of working late at night, unsupervised, in contravention of the Foundation's safety policies against solo laboratory work. Junior Technician Wnoroski has been reprimanded by the Internal Security Department.

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