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Item #: 5235

Object Class: Pending-doctrina

Special Containment Procedures: All information about the nature of SCP-5235 is to be repressed by Foundation web crawlers. Class B amnestics are to be given to any subjects exposed to information about SCP-5235's true nature.

Any deliberate, unauthorized access to this file is to be immediately tracked, with the subject being issued a combination of Class F and Class C amnestics. Furthermore, they are to receive a prompt demotion to E-class personnel.

Description: SCP-5235 is the designation for a group of theoretical parasitic timelines. These timelines have an innate reality deficiency; therefore, they cannot organically sustain themselves. This means they must forcefully attach themselves to others.

Event 5235-1 designates the attachment of a parasitic timeline. From the evidence gathered on potential parasites, it seems the original timeline sometimes receives reality back from the parasite, potentially as overflow. This reality overflow can manifest as buildings or objects from the parasite merging with existing geography or structures. This is theorized to have caused the most damage in affected timelines.

However, research from Temporal Anomalies Department has given inconclusive results about the existence of these timelines, as it is currently assumed that most parasitic timelines have become extinct due to lack of sufficient Hume levels.

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    Parasite Analysis:

    Timeline: YHC (Yearly Hume change) Parasite Threat level
    T-007 -0.5% T-0013 Low

    T-0013 is classed as a low-level threat due to it being relatively passive towards its host timeline. Currently, both timelines appear to be stable.

    Timeline: YHC Parasite Threat level
    T-012 -4% T-016 Low
    T-016 -6% T-012 Medium

    The above parasitic timelines appear to be conjoined, with both parasites drawing reality from each other. In approximately 40 years, T-016 will fully drain T-012 and a re-evaluation of its threat level will need to be conducted. Further tests on timelines with abnormal Hume level fluctuations may be necessary.

    Timeline: YHC Parasite Threat level
    T-027 -12% T-020 High

    T-020 appears to be highly aggressive and almost predatory towards other timelines. Fortunately, it is currently heading further away from the base timeline. A plan to counteract such predatory timelines is currently in development.

    Timeline: YHC Parasite Threat level
    Baseline +5% N/A N/A

    Our reality is currently gaining 5% of our total Hume levels per year. It is not yet understood where this extra reality comes from.

    Conclusion: From this data, we can theorize there exist both malignant and benign parasitic timelines. While most instances seem content to slowly leech reality from their hosts over the span of many years, some appear to be much more aggressive and actively prey on multiple timelines.

Addendum 1 - 22/07/2035: Following an investigation of a localized timeline designated S-05, it was determined that the aforementioned timeline is leeching approximately 0.5% of our timeline's total Hume levels annually. The parasite timeline appears to create minuscule Ways, which it utilizes to siphon reality via diffusion.1. Current methods of neutralizing the parasite are undergoing investigation.

Further Kant counters have been set up at locations with high Hume levels to monitor the rate of reality loss. Any significant change must be reported to Dr Vane of the Temporal Anomaly Department.

Despite the loss of local reality via the parasite, our reality appears to be stable. It is unknown how this is occurring. However, Kant counters placed near Ways record large fluctuations in Hume levels.

Addendum 2 - 04/08/2035: A second message was detected on 03/08/2035, it has been transcribed below.

To anyone that sees this, I'm still somewhat alive. We managed to drive out from Area-14 up towards Site-34 in Washington when things went to shit again. Salem is hanging on by a thread; the survivors are hard-pressed to survive. Dallas appears to have been turned completely to fucking solid metal, destabilizing the entire nearby area along with it. We narrowly avoided a massive sinkhole that formed right in the middle of the road.

Soon after, I got a message on the radio. Seems like most of the folk at Site-64 survived, and are going to try weathering the storm from within Three Ports. Doesn't sound like a bad idea, given it is basically its own mini timeline2. I should have thought of it sooner.

- Xyank

Due to the potential TK-Class Causal Restructuring Event present in a homogeneous timeline, further precautions are being taken to ensure the safety of our timeline.

Addendum 3 - 06/08/2035: A further, presumably final, weak transmission was detected from Ways local to Portland, Oregon. Transcript is attached below.

Right, fuck. We seem to be okay now, but not sure how long that will last.

The remnants of RCT-Δt and Site-64 are holed up in Three Ports, with no way of leaving. Not sure we would want to, anyway.

Right, onto the important stuff. I think somehow we were coexisting with another parasitic timeline, potentially having been stealing mass from each other for a relatively long time. But, alike to something being stretched too far in each direction… It/They snapped. I think this is the fallout from that.

From what I saw before we quickly entered Three Ports, the timelines were fusing. For a moment I got to see their reality interact with ours; buildings of flesh and bone melded into metal and plastic, consuming it. A Sarkic's fucking wet dream.

In theory, this should stabilize into a "birth", so to speak, of a new timeline, composed of parts from the former ones. Although, even if it does, everything will still be fucked for us.

To anyone who sees this, tell your Xyank to get off his lazy arse and set some precautions up. If left alone it'll only get worse from here on out. Trust me.

- Dr Thaddeus Xyank

Addendum 4 - 09/08/2035: Dr Vale's further research notes have been transcribed below:

  • Are these timelines actually parasitic? Dr Xyank seemed to suggest their timeline was actively subsumed, used to create a greater whole. Was someone actively guiding this process from the other timeline?
  • From the information we are given, the fusion of these timelines causes the addition of aspects/reality from other timelines, such as the viral metal that consumed their Dallas. New anomalies, you could say.
  • Does this mean native anomalies can be pulled into parasitic timelines and potentially vice versa? Is it such a stretch to use that to question where some of our anomalies came from?
  • Are we… absorbing them?

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