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Refinery 133-L, recently acquired by a Foundation front company, Arabian Desert.

Item #: SCP-5234

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Embedded agents are to monitor all oil refineries in the vicinity of SCP-5234, confiscate outgoing assets resultant of the anomaly and transport them to Provisional Site-A. All assets are to be secured within a blast-resistant chamber in sub-level 1, cooled to a temperature of 0℃. Clandestine operations to seize exported assets are underway.

Agents are to report any physical and/or psychological discrepancies in SCP-5234. Annual reports produced by Saudi Aramco, ExxonMobil, Chevron and their corporate clients must be confiscated for statistical abnormalities.

Description: SCP-5234 is a 1-meter high humanoid entity that is permanently affixed in the ground through unknown means, located in the Al-Qassim province of Saudi Arabia. Its external features share common traits of a human adolescent, although SCP-5234 does not require any sustenance to maintain itself. SCP-5234 is completely unresponsive to external stimuli, and remains immobile in an upright position.

SCP-5234, however, possesses the ability to autonomously generate infinite quantities of crude oil from its skin pores. X-ray scans of its body unintentionally generated electric discharges of up to 0.5mC to its surroundings, suggesting that most of its chemical composition is composed of crude oil, possibly produced by a combination of anaerobic bacteria and primordial zooplanktons in a perpetual cycle of rapid regeneration and death. For such a process to take place, SCP-5234 apparently is able to self-induce significant quantities of internal pressure and heat.

Discovery: Due to this anomalous ability, SCP-5234 had gained considerable attention from the local populace and subsequently, major oil companies. Eventually, Foundation agents sensed possible anomalous activity in the region, and dispatched a reconnaissance team under the guise of land surveyors, headed by Agents Qalim and Yusof.

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