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Item #: SCP-5229

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5229 is to be completely submerged within its containment zone at all times. Bi-weekly filtration of the containment chamber’s water is to be accomplished with chlorine tablets1 being inserted into the chamber until SCP-5229 is visibly clean.

Description: SCP-5229 is an anomalous human skeleton, with the notable structural difference of SCP-5229’s foot bones, hand bones, facial bones, and cranial bones being fused together into solid plates. Due to the particular structure created by the fusion, SCP-5229’s extremities resemble fins, and SCP-5229’s skull resembles an open-circuit diving helmet2. The faceplate of the skull is composed of keratin, giving SCP-5229’s “visor” the approximate appearance of a fingernail.

Despite being heavily abnormal in structure and appearance, SCP-5229’s anomalous qualities will only manifest in the event that any portion of SCP-5229 is not in direct contact with liquid. When SCP-5229 becomes active, it will proceed to animate, move towards the nearest source of water, and submerge itself, becoming inactive.

Discovery: SCP-5229 was recovered from Pyramid Lake, Nevada after witnesses described a “living skeleton” to local news outlets. The following log details the initial shipment of SCP-5229 to Area-14 for investigation:

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