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SCP 5226
"Dream Demon"
Object Class: Keter
Age: ██ DOB: 6/23/████
Real Name: Seth Olvera
Interrogated by: ██.████████
Height:6'2" Weight:145 lb.
Eyes: Hazel with a ring of amber.

Special Containment Procedures: Originally was implanted with tracking device but experiment ██ resulted it to not be in place or functional. He has excepted a necklace tracker currently working. Current Housed in Site-17. SCP 5226 has Class 3 access but still finds a way to gain class 5 access for short periods of time.

SCP-5226's personal items include a .35 colt revolver, a .45 Winchester lever-action rifle, a switch blade, and a pocket watch. Which are not removeable from SCP-5226, no cooperation to have them stored in a safe facility. He had promised not to hurt anyone with the guns as long as he was treated as human as possible, and that he can leave at will to do his tasks.

Description: SCP-5226 is a human of European descent. He wears a black trench coat, leather boots, and a pair of glasses. He has a personality that is adventurous, down to earth, & quick minded. When asked to take the jacket off he had question why he had to. After told why he had applied, reveling a dragon birthmark on his left arm. He was ask if he knew how he got the mark. His reapply was "I was born with it."

Appendix 1: Interview 01 Date: ██/██/████
<Begin Log>

Dr. █████: Please give a brief personal introduction, including date and place of birth, and your name.
SCP-5226: Understood. I am Seth Olvera. I was born Prescott, Arizona on June 23, ████.
Dr. █████: Good now first question when did you come to find to have this abilities.
SCP-5226: Starting off everyone gets the chance to become a Dream Demon, till a new one is picked only one at a time.
Dr.█████: What do you mean.
SCP-5226: Well as a children you have your first nightmare if you can alter it without getting awaking in fear.
Dr.█████: Very well I am guessing you did that. Second question what do you think of the foundation with your time here.
SCP-5226: I think the foundation is ok. Not the best bases I've seen & I have seen. Can I go I got work to do.
Dr. █████: I see it is around the time you go so yes.

<End Log>

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