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photo taken of SCP-5223-1 during interview

Item #: SCP-5223

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5223 is to be contained in a double-width, vehicle containment chamber at the containment facility nearest to SCP-5223’s most recently ascertained location. This chamber is to be retrofitted with access to a humanoid containment chamber(as per the request of SCP-5223-1). Dr. Baker must be present for all tests involving the vehicle.

A minimum of one security guard is to maintain a perimeter of no fewer than 6 meters around SCP-5223. Any person attempting to enter this perimeter outside of testing conditions and without Dr. Baker’s expressed permission is to be forcefully removed from SCP-5223’s containment chamber and barred from entry until further notice.

If possible, SCP-5223’s containment chamber is to be lined with lead.

Description: SCP-5223 is a 1941 Chevrolet, split windshield pickup truck bearing heavy damage to its left side panels. Though the vehicle is capable of normal movement, how this is accomplished is not well understood; the vehicle is missing vital components to its engine(cataloged in I-5223-01); moreover, while the vehicle is in motion, no audible engine noise can be heard. Beyond standard movements, SCP-5223 is also capable of teleportation and the creation of a pocket dimension. The means of this teleportation is, likewise, sparsely understood.

Humans stepping closer than five meters from the vehicle will be lulled into a suggestive state, similar to that of the drug Desomorphine, for a short time. Victims of this suggestive state(SCP-5223’s “guest”) will become more jovial and agreeable as the effect wears off; at which time, they will be greeted by an Elderly man(henceforth referred to SCP-5223-1) who will typically be seated in the passenger seat of the vehicle. SCP-5223-1 will then invite the guest into the vehicle and transport them to SCP-5223's pocket dimension (SCP-5223-1 might also transport his guest to one of many locations around the globe should he be provided the opportunity) .

What is contained in this dimension varies from encounter to encounter; though, events in this dimension will remain consistent with what the guest is most fearful of.1. The events contained in SCP-5223's pocket dimension will most often present themselves as a challenge, monster, or nightmare(though deviations from these themes are not particularly uncommon). As such, these phobias often pose a severe danger to guests though, SCP-5223-1 will often “step in” and aid guests during their time in SCP-5223’s dimension. Once a guest’s time in SCP-5223’s dimension is complete, the guest will then be permanently absolved of their phobia(s) by unknown means, and he or she will be escorted back to the guest’s desired location and will be free to leave.

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