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AIC.WARHAMMER Readout, Site-121, 2013-05-29 Hotspot Begins 13:59:00

Item #: SCP-5222

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the latent abilities of people and things under the SCP-5222 designation or any sub-designations thereof, containment chambers shall be highly reinforced against pressure waves and, if facilities permit, entropy set to minimum1. If entropy is not adjustable at the current site of the contained entities, please make arrangements with your site director to relocate the entities to a variable-entropy site via BOUNCE.

Any reports of ruggedly handsome men in sunglasses walking away from fiery explosions in slow motion should be cross-checked against GOI-2666.

Description: SCP-5222 is a collective designation for people (sub-designation α) and objects (sub-designation β) associated with Lord Explosion's Pyrotechnic Playground and Daycare2, a Type-16 Pocket Dimension3 and Multi-Tenant Conceptual Mindscape4. There are currently 26 different SCP-5222-α entities catalogued, and none contained. There are currently 1326 different SCP-5222-β items catalogued, and none contained.

Discovery: SCP-5222 was provisionally created by AIC.COLOSSUS5 on 2013-05-29 after Site-121 went offline with no SCUTTLE6 heartbeat7, which correlated to a concurrent spike8 in anomalous background entropy per AIC.WARHAMMER9.

The nature of the spike and rapid return to baseline did not match any known emissions signatures, and was determined with high confidence to be a Ruhiel-class Transitory Phenomenon10. MTF Nu-7 ("Hammer Down")11 was scrambled to the area per SCUTTLE Dead Man's Switch Protocol.

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