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Item #: SCP-5220

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Disinformation campaigns have successfully perpetuated public belief that SCP-5220 is a work of art and require little to no maintenance at this time. Public visits to the anomaly are permitted when it is visible.

MTF Upsilon-7 ("Muddy Waters") is responsible for clean-up and containment of 5220-A events and retrieval of victims via helicopter. Upsilon-7 is authorized to administer Class-A or -B amnestics to witnesses. Information suppression of events with more than 100 witnesses is to be coordinated with the site director of Site-215.

SCP-5220-1 is to be held in a humanoid containment cell at Site-215. No fewer than three times per week, SCP-5220-1 is to be escorted to SCP-5220 to facilitate the completion of anomalous rituals. Due to its extended cooperation with special containment procedures and lengthy containment, SCP-5220-1 has been granted privileges beyond those normally given to humanoid anomalies. These privileges are under the purview of the site director.

In the event that more than three 5220-A events occur within 12 months, or more than two events occur closer than 100 km from one another within 6 months, Foundation coroners are to falsify the cause of death by tampering with the cadavers so as to avoid the appearance of patterns in public mortality records.


SCP-5220 as seen from shore.

Description: SCP-5220 is an anomalous landmass on the northern shore of the Great Salt Lake in Utah, United States. It forms a spiral shaped-path and is comprised largely of basalt rock and salt crystals. The path measures 460 m from base to tip and is 4.6 m wide. Due to the fluctuating surface levels of the Great Salt Lake, SCP-5220 is submerged during periods of greater precipitation. It is only visible above water when the Great Salt Lake's surface level is less than 1,279 m above sea level. SCP-5220 is the cause and point of origin of what are designated 5220-A events. These events are characterized by a human dying by drowning, although they are not in or near water.

5220-A events correspond with a substantial spike in Hume levels at SCP-5220. Following the death of the 5220-A victim, the body will begin to float in the air, sometimes beginning immediately, but more commonly beginning days after death. The body will rise into the air and remain at a particular height, typically about 180–200 m above the ground, but occasionally as high as 300 m. 5220-A events frequently have civilian witnesses, which poses a substantial challenge to containment and public concealment.

Kant counters at the location of SCP-5220 generally produce readings between 30 and 50 Humes, but measure as high as 400 Humes during 5220-A events. It is believed to possess extensive reality-bending functionality that causes temporal merging between the present day and prehistoric timeframes; the precise extent of these capabilities is unknown, but has thus far targeted humans. SCP-5220-1 claims that the object has much more extensive capabilities that have not yet been observed.

SCP-5220-1 is a female humanoid, born on 22 April 1954 in Santa Barbara, California. SCP-5220-1 appears to "operate" the reality-bending effects of SCP-5220, but is apparently inept in controlling the anomaly. SCP-5220-1 shows elevated internal Hume levels when in proximity to SCP-5220 (<100 m), peaking at 35 Humes at the tip of the SCP-5220 spiral. It consistently expresses distress regarding air and water pollution, deforestation, endangered and threatened species, and especially in recent years, anthropogenic climate change.

Currently, the only known means of reducing the frequency of 5220-A events is the observance of rituals performed by SCP-5220-1. These rituals largely involve a meditative practice at SCP-5220; SCP-5220-1 claims that the Earth is a living entity and that the rituals permit it to communicate with the planet. SCP-5220-1 identifies knowledge obtained in this manner as the basis of its influence on SCP-5220.

Discovery: SCP-5220 appeared or was constructed by undetermined means in Spring 19701. As it is located on land owned by the state of Utah, Foundation assets within state government became aware that the anomaly had appeared on state land with no known records of its construction. It was flagged for investigation, which was undertaken by Site-215. By the time the Foundation initiated containment, numerous tourists had visited SCP-5220; photos and articles had been published in local and national newspapers. Because of the impracticality of concealing it from the public, the Foundation falsified government documents regarding its origin. Fabricated news reports were disseminated describing it as an art piece. SCP-5220 has since been known to the public as the "Spiral Jetty."

SCP-5220-1 was found at SCP-5220 on 4 June 1970. Foundation personnel interrupted a ritual that was likely responsible for ongoing fluctuations in Hume levels at the location.

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