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2/5216 LEVEL 2/5216
Item #: SCP-5216

Item #- SCP-5216

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5216 is to be stored in a standard storage locker. Access is restricted to personnel with Level 2 Clearance or above. Personnel conducting tests with SCP-5216 are advised to transcribe any relevant information to a non-anomalous medium. Tests involving the synthesis or consumption of SCP-5216-2 instances are restricted to personnel with Level 3 Clearance or above and require application forms to be submitted to Head Researcher Nicolado for approval.

Description: SCP-5216 is a hardcover cookbook, titled "Even More Good Eats". The number of pages, and by extension the number of recipes it contains, is not constant, and fluctuates with regards to its proximity to items typically regarded as edible, or ingredients for non-anomalous food. SCP-5216 does not readily retain its recipes and information, as new instances are generated when closed or outside of direct observation.

While SCP-5216 typically generates recipes for conventional dishes, it has been observed to provide recipes requiring the usage of inedible, harmful or outright anomalous ingredients. SCP-5216 has also been recorded to provide heirloom recipes that were otherwise permanently lost. Investigation into SCP-5216's anomalous information-gathering abilities is currently ongoing.

Most instances of foodstuff prepared by following SCP-5216's recipes exhibit anomalous properties, hereby referred to as SCP-5216-2 instances. Some instances of SCP-5216-2 prepared using anomalous ingredients do not exhibit similar properties to their initial states, and can be safely consumed with little to no ill side-effects.

Initial analysis of certain recipes show that it should be physically and chemically impossible to prepare respective SCP-5216-2 instances, or require significant skill or experience. However, tests have confirmed that individuals within close proximity to SCP-5216 when carrying out preparation of SCP-5216-2 instances may demonstrate unprecedented culinary skills or anomalous capabilities. Individuals attempting to replicate SCP-5216 recipes without reading it will not be able to readily prepare most SCP-5216-2 instances.

Attached below is an excerpt from SCP-5216 testing logs. Extraneous information pertaining to the full list of ingredients used in each test have been removed.

Testing Log 5216.T07:

Items Used SCP-5216 Recipe Name Description of SCP-5216-2 Instance Effects Upon Consumption
400g of spinach leaves Vegan Creamed Spinach Instance was prepared using only spinach leaves, as per the recipe found in SCP-5216. Subject described the instance as "it tastes like normal creamed spinach", despite the absence of seasoning or cream. Further investigation on potential hallucinatory properties of this instance is ongoing.
One baguette PGM 338 á la Française Instance was carved out of the baguette, and found to be an operational firearm after Researcher Perez fired a crouton into the test chamber wall. No croutons were supplied nor prepared in the test. Subject described instance as flavorful and slightly spicy. No other side effects observed.
One pineapple Pineapple Quasipentadimensional Cake Instance was prepared using non-anomalous materials, but exhibited pentadimensional properties after being removed from the oven, and presumably continued to do so in the subject's digestive system. Personnel have reported headaches after looking at the instance for extended periods. Subject reported no abnormal effects, and described the instance as delicious.
One can of chicken stock Grandma's Chicken Soup Instance prepared from non-anomalous ingredients and visually exhibited no anomalous properties. Subject reported no ill side effects, and reported feeling homesick after consuming the instance. Dr. Thurston made similar comments after consuming the instance at his own request.
SCP-████ Alagaddan Blood Sausage Procedure of preparation observed indicates the usage of Sarkic culinary techniques, despite the subject being unaware of Sarkicism as a whole. Instance animated and tried to escape the test chamber upon completion of preparation, terminated by gunshot. Was not consumed, and subsequently incinerated.1
One jar of paprika ██████ Thurston's Signature Goulash Instance was prepared directly by Dr. Thurston. Recipe is noted to directly reference one of Dr. Thurston's forgotten family recipes. Dr. Thurston described the instance as "tastes just like home" after requesting to consume it. No ill side effects were recorded.
One box of macaroni and cheese Macaroni Like Mom Used To Make Instance was prepared directly by Dr. Thurston. Instance is described as identical in taste to similar dishes consumed during Dr. Thurston's childhood. Dr. Thurston reported a sense of nostalgia and homesickness.

Addendum 5216.A02: As of 13/03/20, Dr. Thurston has been reassigned to SCP-4216 due to suspected abuse of SCP-5216 tests for personal use. Personnel are advised to refrain from using recipes with personal significance during testing.

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