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Item #: SCP-5215

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Direct observation of SCP-5215-1 is restricted. This has been accomplished by constructing a decoy electrical generator on the surface of SCP-5215, and conducting weekly inspections of SCP-5215-1, the containment structure, and the exact location of SCP-5215 to ensure proper security. Any obvious failures of this procedure are to be reported immediately to a RAISA representative.

Description: SCP-5215 refers to a precise point in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, where all visible celestial objects in the night sky resemble a rhombic lattice1. This lattice, henceforth referred to as SCP-5215-1, has not been observed to possess anomalous properties. However, the several visual qualities of SCP-5215-1 would not be possible without anomalous conditions, and are as follows:

Celestial objects visible from Earth are arranged so that each ‘point’ on SCP-5215-1 is of the same size and brightness as the other points, and positioned so that individual points are each clearly visible.

Objects visible only during specific times, such as Haley’s Comet, are within SCP-5215-1 regardless of the time at which they are observed.

The sky surrounding SCP-5215-1 appears to be under the effect of Rayleigh Scattering2, giving the points in the grid a red coloration.

Objects within SCP-5215-1 are under optimal viewing conditions, and are completely stationary. Moons within the Solar System are continually in a full phase.

An individual moving from the exact point required to make SCP-5215-1 appear for them will cause SCP-5215-1 to vanish, suggesting that SCP-5215-1 is not a physical collection of entities.


As of 2/17/21, there have been 9 observed instances of SCP-5215-1 exhibiting major, temporary structural changes. Full documentation is available below:

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