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Six Doric columns, situated directly above the cavern concealing SCP-5213.

Item #: SCP-5213

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: A fenced perimeter has been erected around the Temple of Apollo, located at Delphi, Greece, to dissuade civilian exploration. Any civilians caught attempting to enter SCP-5213 are to be amnesticised and remanded into the custody of the Hellenic Police. Cover Story 5213.12 "Structural Degradation: Archaeological Site" has been disseminated to local and regional media.

SCP-5213 is to be contained at the location of its discovery by Mobile Task Force Phi-11 "The Waymakers". Phi-11 are tasked with civilian containment methods and ensuring that Foundation personnel remain able to access SCP-5213 at all times.

Description: SCP-5213 is a massive, subterranean structure located beneath the Delphic Panhellenic Sanctuary on Mount Parnassos, Greece. SCP-5213 predates all other structures on Mount Parnassos by approximately seven thousand years. The entrance to SCP-5213 is concealed within a cave beneath the Sanctuary, accessible by means of a rock-cut staircase within the bedrock of the mountainside. These caverns, which descend seven kilometres into the earth, have not been fully mapped and are illuminated by an unknown species of bioluminescent foliage.

A pair of oak doors mark the boundary between SCP-5213 and the exterior cavern. These doors are sealed by means of a nomenclative lock, requiring an individual to speak a specific utterance to unlock the door. This utterance was deduced to be the Name1 of the individual wishing to access SCP-5213. It is believed that the risks associated with verbally speaking an individual’s Name warranted a sufficient security measure to those who built SCP-5213.

SCP-5213's internal architecture is reminiscent of the ruins located near the place where they began, consisting of elevated walkways and floral courtyards. If viewed from above, SCP-5213 would resemble a solar cross.2 SCP-5213 is divided into five sections; one section is situated at each end of the cross, whilst the fifth section is located at the centre.

The four outermost sections of SCP-5213 function as archives, each one filled with thousands of clay tablets. The majority of these tablets lay broken or severely disfigured. Foundation linguists have transposed and translated a fractional minority of recovered intact tablets. Those which have been translated are filed within this document.

The central section of SCP-5213 consists of an elevated platform surrounded by discs of polished marble and hollow agate. These discs are suspended in mid-air, remaining entirely motionless, with their mirrored surfaces directed towards the chamber at the centre of the platform. This central structure houses SCP-5213-A.

SCP-5213-A is a complex scrying device intended to deliver divine revelations3 to the singular occupant. It is constructed from marble and is laterally banded by strips of an unidentified metal alloy. This alloy is composed from six of the planetary metals: lead, tin, gold, copper, mercury, and silver, with the noticeable absence of iron. A disc of polished hollow agate, suspended in a similar manner to those on the exterior, levitates at the occupant’s eye-level. Additionally, SCP-5213-A possesses abnormally high levels of both latent Akiva and negative flux aspect radiation; the latter of which implies that the device was connected to a Way.

Information gathered from within SCP-5213 implies that SCP-5213-A and much of SCP-5213 was destroyed in a deliberate act of sabotage by its creators. In particular, a necessary component was removed from SCP-5213-A rendering it inoperable.

Addendum 5213.1: Recovered Evidence

Addendum 5213.2: Technical Memoranda

Addendum 5213.3: EKPYROSIS

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