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Item #: SCP-5210

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5210 is to be kept in a standard containment cell. This cell is to have 4 automated tranquilizer guns loaded with darts containing no less than 10 ml of carfentanil1. SCP-5210 is to be restrained using a 3-meter chain pinned to the center of the cell. No visual recording devices of any kind are to be allowed inside the containment cell. Any personnel caught attempting to do so will be reprimanded after clearing a psych evaluation.

Once every 7 days, a Class-D personnel who does not suffer from any severe visual impairments must enter the cell alone. The individual will interact with SCP-5210 for 12 hours before being fired on by the automated tranquilizer guns. 4 blindfolded personnel will then enter the cell to retrieve the individual. SCP-5210 will make no attempts to escape or to harm these personnel. Personnel may, however, make physical contact with the entity, either through accident or the entity intentionally initiating. Agents should be aware that this poses no threat and should not be alarmed.

Description: SCP-5210 is an anomalous entity resembling a male golden labrador approximately 2 months old. SCP-5210 does not appear to physically age. SCP-5210 may be immune to traditional physical harm, although this has not been confirmed as testing this trait is not advised (see addendum 5210-2).

SCP-5210's primary anomalous trait is a cognitohazard that activates when anyone views it. Those who directly view it will feel an overwhelming urge to pet the anomaly, play with it, call it "a good boy", and perform various other archetypal tasks traditionally associated with interacting with a puppy. Those affected by SCP-5210 will not cease these activities until they are unable to continue looking at SCP-5210. Natural blinking will create a vague sense of unease, but will not be enough to free an individual from the cognitohazard (see addendum 5210-2). Those who have survived interaction with SCP-5210 describe having at the time believed it was their greatest life experience and that no other experience could ever be greater.

Viewing SCP-5210 through video, live-footage, or photographs will cause similar feelings of adoration and will cause the affected individual to express an extreme desire to meet and interact with SCP-5210 in person. Affected individuals will also become aware of SCP-5210's location. These effects also end when the individual no longer sees SCP-5210's depiction.

Should SCP-5210 go more than 8 days without direct human interaction equal to or exceeding 12 consecutive hours, its cognitohazardous ability will affect individuals even if they cannot visually see the entity. These individuals will instinctively know the location of SCP-5210 and will attempt to reach its location as quickly as possible using any available means of transportation. The range of this cognitohazard rapidly expands. It is not currently known if there are limits to the range, but it has been demonstrated to be able to cover over 40 km.

Addendum 5210-1

Recovery Log: SCP-5210 was recovered on 3/18/2018. On 3/12/2018, the Foundation intercepted satellite images of the town of ███████, Wyoming, revealing that the inhabitants were dead. There were no signs of a struggle, of conventional weapon use, or of any known disease being responsible. A team of field agents was sent to investigate.

Agents reported seeing empty homes and empty streets. The doors to homes had been left open and no cars were present on any of the streets. After fifteen minutes, the agents found a street containing dozens of vehicles parked haphazardly, with several having crashed into each other around an alleyway. Several dead, emaciated bodies were found at the edge of the alleyway, with a large pile found inside the alley itself. It was later confirmed that the entire town population had died there.

While examining the bodies, Field Agent Hernandez reported having heard a whimpering sound coming from beneath the corpses at the end of the alley. After removing several corpses, SCP-5210 was discovered and seen by all agents present.

No contact was received for over two days. Given that the town of ███████ was a two-day drive from the nearest Foundation Facility, response time was delayed. Of the 6 agents sent, only Field Agent Hernandez returned. He was suffering from the effects of sleep deprivation and dehydration. SCP-5210 had been contained in the back of the transport truck. Field Agent Hernandez gave a brief explanation of SCP-5210's primary anomalous trait before passing out and being taken to the site ██ medical bay.

Addendum 5210-2

Interview Log:

Interviewed: Field Agent Hernandez
Interviewee: Dr. Burnstein
Foreward: Agent Hernandez has awoken after retrieving SCP-5210 and is undergoing a psych evaluation.
<Begin log>
Agent Hernandez fiddles with his IV.
Agent Hernandez: I don't understand why this is necessary. It's not uncommon for things like this to happen in the field.
Dr. Burnstein: You know good and well why it's necessary. We don't fully understand the nature of the anomaly. It could still be affecting you now.
Agent Hernandez: It's out of my head now, Dr. My name is Agent Hernandez. I work for the SCP Foundation. My job is to help the Foundation Secure, Contain, and Protect. How's that?
Dr. Burnstein: You understand why that's not enough. You need to work with me. Help me understand what happened.
Agent Hernandez: Like I already said, the thing controls you when you look at it. It made us all dote on it like a child. That's all there is to it.
Dr. Burnstein: And what of the other agents? What of when it made you…
Agent Hernandez slams his fist on the table.
Agent Hernandez: It didn't make me do that. That's the only thing I did where I was in complete control.
Dr. Burnstein: Please, just walk me through it. What did it feel like being effected?
Agent Hernandez: Are you married?
Dr. Burnstein: I don't see the relevance of the question.
Agent Hernandez: I'm married. Got a 2-year old boy back home with a girl on her way.
Dr. Burnstein: Well, congratulations, I suppose, but please, stay on topic.
Agent Hernandez: I remember when I first saw her in her wedding dress. I thought I would never see anything so beautiful, so wonderful, ever again. But then we had our son. It was different, but seeing my boy in my wife's arms, I thought nothing could ever compare. And then I saw that thing. Suddenly, my wife and son were no better than dirt. They were trash. Nothing could compare to that thing, I thought.
Dr. Burnstein: Cognitohazards can overrule all logic and emotion. So this anomaly made you see it as desirable. Is that it?
Agent Hernandez: It was more than that. It's tough to explain. It looked like just a normal puppy. It rolled over, nuzzled, licked our hands, all that stuff. But I could feel something more sometimes. It was like it needed us. Like it desired us as much as we desired it. There was a hunger there. It might be from the blinking. I tried not to blink. I think we all did, but we couldn't stop ourselves. It wasn't enough for us to react or do anything before our eyes opened again, but it let me feel, if only for a moment.
Dr. Burnstein: And this went on for several days? Tell me, did you feel tired? Hungry? Or did it remove those feelings?
Agent Hernandez: I still felt all of it. I just powered through it. We all did. I honestly didn't know I had it in me, but I pushed through the pain, the hunger, all of it. The hardest was the smell. The bodies, they were just starting to decompose when we arrived. And we were sitting on them. Literally sitting on these bloating corpses. The fluids, we just sat in them, let them soak into our clothes, into our skin. I wanted to retch, but I didn't. I fought it so I could keep petting that thing.
Dr. Burnstein: What did break you free? I need details. You claim you were in control of yourself when you apprehended the anomaly.
Agent Hernandez: Here's the thing. I'm not allergic to dogs. I don't think I would have made it past a second date with my wife if I couldn't be around dogs. She's obsessed with them. I'm telling you this because I honestly don't know what made me sneeze. But I did, and I sneezed hard. It kept my eyes closed for just long enough for me to get back in control and keep them closed. So there I am, my eyes closed, body aching, this close to passing out, and my teammates are all still under its control. So I unholster my pistol, feel around for the thing, and fire three shots into it. I'm sure I hit it, but it didn't work. And that's when I felt it. I don't know how else to say it other than it felt dark. I hear Agent Willum. She's always loved dogs, so maybe this thing hit her harder than the rest of us. She says that I need to open my eyes and look. Her exact words were, "Look at him. He's such a good boy. He's the goodest wittle boy." Next thing I know, the agents are grabbing at my face. They're clawing at my face, trying to force my eyes open. I tried to fight them off, doctor, I swear I did. But I was so tired. I didn't have the energy. I couldn't fight, so I just started shooting. I emptied the clip just to be sure. Once it was just me and the thing, containing it was just a matter of dragging it and feeling around until I found the transport vehicle. It didn't really put up any resistance. I guess it got what it wanted.
Dr. Burnstein: I see. Well, as far as I am concerned, you are ready to return to active duty, but the higher-ups might want you to do a few more of these.

Note: On 5/23/2018, Agent Hernandez was determined to be mentally unfit for duty after he was arrested by local authorities for killing his neighbors' dogs, as well as his own.

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