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Special Containment Procedures: Research into the physical containment of SCP-5204 is ongoing. Any sightings of an SCP-5204 event should be attributed to an optical illusion or the result of "cabin fever."

Description: SCP-5204 is an event related to the natural phenomenon Aurora Borealis.1 While it is unknown whether Aurora Borealis predates or is caused by SCP-5204, all SCP-5204 events occur around the Great Lakes region of Northern America, particularly Lake Huron, during any full moon in February and March.

SCP-5204 Event, Ortus, Michigan.

During an SCP-5204 event, thousands of multi-chromatic, translucent entities will emerge from any body of water and begin to dance from between one meter to 100 meters above the surface. The size of the body of water is reflective of the size that the entity can reach, with a ten-liter bucket creating an entity approximately 30 centimeters in height and Lake Ontario producing entities of ~250 meters in height. Because of the incorporeal nature of said entities, most are dismissed as water vapor or other natural phenomena. Additionally, most people are not inclined to be outside of their homes in the middle of winter at night, so most sightings can be dismissed as optical illusions.

The visibility of the entities in an SCP-5204 event varies wildly, from an incorporeal "whisp" similar to a candle's flame, to fully defined and articulated human beings. Regardless of form, all entities will find a partner and engage in a slow ballroom-style dance. During the course of the event, they will begin to rise higher into the sky before disappearing completely at dawn.

Discovery: SCP-5204 came to the Foundation's attention on March 2nd, 2001, after Christie Robinson of Chicago, a forty-seven-year-old Michigan native, called the Michigan State Police Department. She claimed to have seen her deceased father walk across Lake Huron and begin dancing with her mother, who had died twenty years prior. She alleged that there was significant occult activity in the area and that her hometown had changed significantly since she moved away in 1982, citing odd behaviors from the townsfolk. When the police sent a unit to the town of Ortus, Michigan two hours later, they found her father's home had signs of forced entry. Further inspection showed fingerprints on the banister and boot prints leading up to her room. Robinson was found at the bottom of the basement stairs, having died of a broken neck. At this point, the Foundation became aware of the situation and dispatched Captain Quintin McNamara and Warrant Officer Madison Watts of Mobile Task Force Sigma-70, ("Sidewinders"), to investigate.



When the Agents arrived at the church, they were unable to locate Father Williams. Evidence, such as a warm cup of coffee, suggested he had recently vacated the premises. Agents were able to match the fingerprints on the cup to prints left on the doorknob at the Robinsons home. A search of Father Williams' residence lead to the discovery of boots matching the ones from the crime scene.

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