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The cover of SCP-5198-A

Item #: SCP-5198

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The last remaining copy of SCP-5198-A is kept in a long-term containment locker at Site-59; all others have been destroyed. Investigation of SCP-5198-A's content to pinpoint the causal agent of its anomalous effect is ongoing; requests to research may be forwarded to Site Director Naismith. Applicants must have a 90th-percentile score on the CHEESE1.

All seven contained instances of SCP-5198-B remain in a drug-induced coma at Site-59. To negate the possibility of anomalous nightmares, they have been supplied with a daily intravenous drip of 10% diluted bakuserum. Safe excision and isolation of their respective SCP-5198-C is not feasible at this time, pending further research.

Description: SCP-5198-A is a hardcover self-help book titled "Get Out of Your Damn Shell!". There is no author or publisher credited, and the content appears to be 502 pages of "Lorem Ipsum" placeholder text.

When a human subject with anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, or other similar mental illnesses attempts to read SCP-5198-A, they become an instance of SCP-5198-B. Affected subjects lose the ability to control their written text (whether handwritten or typed). In addition, SCP-5198-B have reported hearing voices, vivid nightmares, migraines, and panic attacks. (Subjects who already had these symptoms have reported an increase in severity after exposure to SCP-5198-A.)

SCP-5198-C is a black mark on the right hand of each instance of SCP-5198-B. It resembles a silhouette of a turtle, similar to the one on the cover of SCP-5198-A. The marking has been deduced to be the source of the effects of SCP-5198-A exposure.

Attempts to remove SCP-5198-C through surgery or otherwise result in the host SCP-5198-B going through excruciating, traumatic headaches. If the subject is under anesthesia during the removal process, they will awaken.

The only successful removal thus far of SCP-5198-C was carried out with the former SCP-5198-B-8, who had volunteered to be restrained and withstand any side effects. Following removal, SCP-5198-B-8 died from internal cerebral hemorrhaging.

Addendum: The following documents were discovered on the laptop computer of SCP-5198-B-2 (known pre-containment as James Sutherland of Kenosha, WI).

Jimmy! Good to meetcha. I'd introduce myself, but I don't have a name. I'm not even real. That's because we're here to focus on you.

As you might have noticed, I've put your fingers on autopilot for a while. There's no cause for alarm! You're not going crazy! In fact, in just a few weeks, you're gonna go the opposite of crazy.

Now that we've got introductions out of the way, let's go over the basics.

Name: James Nathan Sutherland
Age: 29
Sex: Male
Weight: Haha. Hahaha. …oh, boy.
Mental baggage: d e p r e s s i o n (womp womp)
Relationship Status: Single, and… a virgin, apparently? Uh, okay.
Highest Level of Education: High School?!
Employment: "Self-employed." Is that what you call it when you jerk off? Neat.
Relationship with Parents: Hopefully pretty good, considering… you live with them. Are you sure you're 29?

Oh, come on, don't get all mad just because I'm telling it like it is. You're at the bottom of the barrel, but that doesn't mean you can't start making positive changes. And you already have! You picked up my book at the library. You opened up a new Word document as soon as I told you to. Like it or not, you're on the right track to become something a-fucking-mazing.

So, here's your homework. By tomorrow at 9 PM, you will have done the following:
- 20 jumping jacks
- Gone outside for 1 hour
- Sent out two job applications (don't worry, I'll let you type those on your own), and
- Listened to half an hour of positive music.

Remember: I'm here to help you help yourself. Only you can make the decision to be happy.

Got it? Good.

Now get off the damn computer and get started.

…you're still typing. Go. GO! GET OFF THE FU

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