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Item #: SCP-5196

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Provisional Site-62 has been established in the area where SCP-5196 was discovered. A minimum of two armed guards are to be stationed outside Provisional Site-62 at all times to detain and amnesticize civilians who attempt to enter.

SCP-5196 is to be kept in a rectangular containment chamber with fortified walls. Access to SCP-5196's containment chamber is forbidden except for maintenance purposes and the removal of excess bottles following anomalous events.

Description: SCP-5196 is a red fourth-generation Toyota Supra1. Despite presumably being abandoned for a significant period of time, SCP-5196 does not display any signs of structural damage or rust.

Approximately every hour, a non-anomalous empty unlabeled glass bottle containing trace amounts of alcohol will spontaneously manifest in the air within a one meter radius of SCP-5196, an unidentified white male who appears to be in his twenties (henceforth SCP-5196-A) will manifest in the driver's seat, and SCP-5196 will start on its own. As SCP-5196 is starting, several more identical glass bottles will manifest around it.

Upon starting, SCP-5196 will immediately begin accelerating with no input from SCP-5196-A, continuing until it collides with a hard surface. Upon coming to a complete stop following a collision with a surface, SCP-5196 will be spontaneously restored to its original state, and SCP-5196-A will demanifest. It is unclear if SCP-5196-A is conscious or aware of what is occurring during these events.

Addendum: Discovery

SCP-5196 was discovered following reports of a car repeatedly colliding with trees in a forest near the city of █████████, Ohio. Foundation personnel secured the location, Provisional Site-62 was established, and civilians who witnessed SCP-5196 were amnesticized. A journal containing only one legible entry was also found near SCP-5196. The author of this entry is unknown, but it is believed to contain a list of materials for a thaumaturgical ritual related to SCP-5196. A transcript of the entry follows.

materials needed for ritual to get old days back:

-car (have)

-booze (have, do i need specific kind?)

-diploma (couldn't find, will have to make due without)

if this works, find them again.

A photo album containing five photos was recovered alongside the journal, and the photos are described below:

Photo 1: Five unidentified men standing next to each other in front of a library in █████████. All five are smiling at the camera.

Photo 2: Four of the men standing in front of a local diner. The men appear noticeably older.

Photo 3: Three of the men sitting on the hood of a car that appears similar to SCP-5196 in the forest where SCP-5196 was discovered.

Photo 4: Two of the men sitting on a couch in an unknown location. Empty bottles and assorted bags of food surround the couch. The men again appear noticeably older. One of the men resembles SCP-5196-A.

Photo 5: A blue car in a small garage. The car appears new.

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