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Item #: SCP-5191

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: Agents are to watch the formerly publicly available mailing addresses of SCP-5191 until a period of two years has passed without receiving a letter. If an order is received, agents are to track, interrogate, and amnesticize the source, as well as anyone who may have known of the sender's actions.

Description: SCP-5191 was formerly the U.S based organization known as "Your Little Munchkin1" and later "Little Munchkin Inc.2" The purpose of this organization was to provide newborn children to couples and families unable to procreate or adopt.

Although the company was considerably well known for decades, the Foundation only became aware of anomalous activity in 2001, when documents were leaked to the public. It was discovered that after 1968 a majority of participants would describe in great detail the child they wanted, referencing the desired appearance, emotional state, and behavior patterns the child would present in the future (see Document-5191 Collection). Comparing the orders to the children produced showed 97.8% 100%3 accuracy to the desired qualities.

In response, the Foundation forcibly drew the company to bankruptcy and purchased its assets. SCP-5191's sperm and egg banks showed no signs of genetic abnormalities or engineering. As such, it has been determined that Little Munchkin Inc had discovered an anomalous method for determining the future development of a fetus. It is unknown when the company developed this process, as all records of the procedure have been destroyed in their entirety.

Document-5191 Collection: The following are recovered letters received by SCP-5191.

Document-5191-1 (sent on April 23, 1953):

Dear Mr. Stork4

I am ten years old. I have been an only child my whole life. I have friends at school, but I can never bring them home with me; they always have to go on their bikes back to their own moms and dads. I wish to have a friend that I can spend time with at home. Mom and Dad say they want another child, but don't know if they have the responsibility. But I can be responsible for a new sibling. We already have a cat named Nabby. I take care of him all the time. I'm also an assistant for the teacher at school. I can help my new sibling learn.

Please send me a new sibling soon.


Document-5191-2 (sent on February 5, 1965):

Dear Your Little Munchkin,

My husband and I would like to make a request. See, we have been looking for not just any child, but a child with beautiful blue eyes. We haven't found any at nearby foster homes, and we can't have a baby with certainty.

We hope this isn't too strenuous for you, but we trust that whatever employee reads this letter will be kind enough to take an extra moment and pick the child we're looking for. You understand, right? It feels like striking blue eyes are becoming such a rare quality nowadays. We would be delighted to make a charitable donation to make it worth the trouble.

Thank you for reading.

Document-5191-3 (sent on June 10, 1968)

Dear ████████ ██████5

I wanted to congratulate you on your recent step forward as a fully formed company. What you have established is a business model that is truly eternally stable, something I know for certain others in the business world are jealous of.

I would also like to inquire about any open positions you may now have open. Why, I have experience as a full-time investor and a board member of ██████ Inc. With me working under you, you're profits will triple on top of what you will already be pulling in.

Thank you for your consideration,

█████ █████████

Document-5191-46 (sent on November 19, 1969)

Hello, YLM,

I've heard about some of your new features from a friend of a friend, and this has finally pushed me to take that step and become a parent! I would like to start with three children. That may sound like a lot, but there's no need to worry about my financial situation. I make more than enough to support them all.

The only quality I would like is for my children to not cry. Oh, I won't mind if they get pouty or upset, but please, crying will drive me insane! I don't want to have to spend the entire night calming them down; I at least want to enjoy my programs in peace.

Can't wait for my delivery! Thanks so much, make 'em cuties!

Document-5191-57 (sent on January 14, 1975):

Dear YLM Inc.

I would like an infant boy of seven pounds and three ounces. His name will be Adam. He will grow into a tall, slender boy with hair that is easy to brush to the side. He will be able to find answers on his own without having to ask me or his father questions. When we are at parties, he will stand quietly until he is spoken too. When he answers, he will give answers that charm the hosts. He will be willing to try and enjoy any food, and will not complain about wearing any kind of clothes. He will have a pleasant singing voice. He will be capable of passing through the highest of business colleges, then move on to being a solid investor so he can gain financial independence as soon as possible.

Thank you for processing this request.

Document-5191-6 (sent on December 26, 1998)

Dear Customer Experience Representative,

I am here to file a complaint. The daughter you sent me has done just the most embarrassing thing.

Just yesterday, we were at a neighbor's Christmas party. We were exchanging gifts, and for a few years now my gift to the crowd has been my daughter singing "Silent Night" for everyone. They've always found it acceptable. But last night, when she was in the middle of singing, her eyes started to drift away from the crowd. Her gaze dropped to her feet as she lowered her head. By the time she was finished she was scrambling off to the restroom. And when I followed her, there I found the problem: Her eyes were all watery. She stayed there the rest of the night, while everyone else at the party kept giving me these awful, pitiful looks.

She was either sick or emotional. Which, according to your advertising, is impossible. I ordered a healthy, functional child, and she's been so until last night. I've done nothing to damage her. I've provided food, water, and caretakers for her. I've given her an entire house worth of space. I've left her alone. I can prove to you that there was no mistake on my part. I couldn't have done anything to harm her.

I would like you to send some people over and return Valery to how she used to be. I'm able to pay any fee you'd like, and possibly a bonus if you get here quickly. I don't want to have to think about this for long.


Adam Jacobson

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