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ITEM #: SCP-5189


SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: It is currently unknown how much of SCP-5189 is present within the ocean. An offshoot of MTF Gamma-6 ("Deep Feeders"), MTF Gamma-6a, is actively searching the ocean for new cases of SCP-5189 to be contained.

In most instances, SCP-5189 can be transplanted to the nearest available aquatic facility with only minor casualties. However, in the case of an SCP-5189-1 infestation, the area must be cordoned off at an area of 60 80 meters from the nearest instance of SCP-5189 and elimination procedures are to take place left undisturbed until further notice1.


Instances of SCP-5189 forming SCP-5189-1.

DESCRIPTION: SCP-5189 is the designation for anomalous variations of organisms of the order Laminariales2. Specimens of SCP-5189 are physically identical to their respective species except for the occurrence of a mouth-like structure at the holdfast3 of each organism. This mouth is made of organic algae matter as well as dentin, formed through an unknown process, to create numerous teeth similar in size and shape to Galeocerdo cuvier, known as the tiger shark.

Instances of SCP-5189, at times when humans are within an area of about 80 meters, will whisper words to beckon humans to come near. Specimens of SCP-5189 do not possess vocal cords, but their voices are frequently described as "female," "pleasant," and "alluring." The voice of each instance of SCP-5189 is unique, but always asks for the individual to come nearer. Instances of SCP-5189 do not respond to other individuals, whether human or nearby instance of SCP-5189.

Once a human is within range, instances of SCP-5189 will move their thalli and blades in order to grab onto the person. Specimens of SCP-5189 have a remarkable grip, making it unlikely for a human to escape after being grabbed on to. Once attached to a human, instances of SCP-5189 will pull the person towards their mouth and begin the consumption process.

Consumption occurs at a slow rate for specimens of SCP-5189, being approximately one bite each half-hour. Because no organs are attached to their mouths, the victim’s flesh and viscera, once chewed, floats out of the mouth and into the surrounding water. This results in a frequent red coloring of the water around instances of SCP-5189. Instances of SCP-5189 will hold their victim until the consumption process is finished, with the process usually taking one or two days for a human to be completely eaten. Living bodies are held above water, while deceased ones are left below. Thus, it is common to see hanging, half-eaten bodies on instances of SCP-5189 at any given time, with a surviving victim held on the surface to bleed out.

Specimens of SCP-5189 can and will hold on to multiple people at a time, leaving their bodies floating underwater being held by the thallus. Instances of SCP-5189 show no discernment between bodies when taking bites, leaving the partially-eaten bodies hanging until all are finished.

Instances of SCP-5189 will grow together like their anomalous counterparts. Once a group of SCP-5189 has exceeded 50 specimens within 100 meters, it is an instance of SCP-5189-1. Instances of SCP-5189 in SCP-5189-1 will rip apart bodies held by other instances of SCP-5189, usually resulting in the body being split between four to six specimens.


Another instance of SCP-5189-1.

INCIDENT 5189-1: On 01/15/21, MTF Gamma-6a was dispatched to eliminate the first recorded instance of SCP-5189-1, located off the southern California coast. Utilizing procedures previously used to eliminate smaller gatherings of SCP-5189, MTF Gamma-6a proceeded to reduce the population size.

Approximately two hours into the process, MTF Gamma-6a was eliminated by SCP-5189-1. Instances of SCP-5189 appeared to work together in order to subdue and drown the task force, and split the bodies evenly throughout the instance of SCP-5189-1.

After two hours, G6a-Cap was promptly disemboweled after the rest of the team could not wrest him free from an SCP-5189 thallus. This resulted in much of the force being close enough for other instances of SCP-5189 to reach them. The rest of the force was eliminated after the range of SCP-5189-1 was proven to be larger than anticipated. The heads of G6a-8, 13, and 31 were all bitten off, the teeth being sharp enough to pierce the skull and lacerate the brain. G6a-3, 14, 18, 24 and 29 all died of blood loss within half an hour of multiple major arteries being torn open. G6a-2, 5, 8, 11, 21 and 22 were torn apart between multiple instances of SCP-5189 and died almost immediately. All other members of MTF Gamma-6a died or are are dying4 much slower due multiple nonfatal wounds.

UPDATE: As of 01/23/21, while many body parts have been recovered, there are still numerous bodies hanging from instances of SCP-5189.

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