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Item#: SCP-5188

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation agents in all major television networks are to monitor for SCP-5188 and prevent any broadcasts before they reach civilian audiences. While the danger to civilians presented by SCP-5188 is negligible, public acknowledgement of its anomalous qualities would lead to a potential Lifted Veil scenario.

For research purposes, one television at Site-59 is to receive and record uninhibited broadcasts of SCP-5188. Transcription efforts by research staff are ongoing.

SCP-2803-A is not to be made aware of Foundation suppression efforts for SCP-5188 under any circumstances. In addition, SCP-2803-A is to receive a monthly supply of forged fan mail for SCP-5188 and a "royalty payment" consisting two kilograms of a 50/50 blend of sand and pink glitter.1

Description: SCP-5188 is "Fronglyfoot Street", an animated2 situation comedy produced by TotleighSoft corporation. Episodes are 22 minutes long; at time of writing, 108 episodes and nine seasons have been recorded at Site-59.

SCP-5188 makes use of TotleighSoft's signature "Snoflak-o-Vizhon", a perception-altering technique that tailors the show's content to match each viewer's personal preferences for entertainment. Despite the claim that "no two [people] will see the [same show]",3 identical transcriptions of SCP-5188 between similarly-minded researchers have been noted. Currently, the highest number of recorded variants to an individual episode (including SCP-5188-Gamma) is 57.

The show centers around the Fronglyfoots, a family consisting of the male protagonist, his wife, their precocious two-year-old daughter, and a dog. All other factors (such as the characters' names, occupations, location, financial class, supporting characters, and whether or not the dog is capable of speech) depend on the individual iteration.

In addition, viewers who possess a nerve bundle previously identified as a "Rosetta cluster" will be immune to the perception-altering effects; the resulting show will be SCP-5188-Gamma.

Addendum: Transcription Excerpt from Season 4, Episode 11, Scene 1

Transcriber: Junior Researcher N. Tamino

Rating: TV-PG

Main Character Ethnicities: African-American

Setting: Eugene, Oregon

Episode Title: Micro Brewing for Dummies

<Begin Log>


Nina[Wife] is vacuuming. Auggie[Daughter] is playing chess with Pascal[Dog, St. Bernard]. Auggie moves a piece.

Check. HA! What say you to such
strategic brilliance, Phillistine?!

Pascal yawns and falls asleep on the board.

Fool! You're no Alexander, and this is
no Gordian Knot. Up with you, beast!

Auggie attempts to pry Pascal from the board. He sleepily places a paw on top of Auggie's head.

(Sarcastic) Ye gods, such brilliance.

Bob[Husband] enters the front door, sweating and flustered.


Oh, hey Nina. Wanna hear a joke?

How about first you tell me where you've been.

It's related. What's vinyl-sided, rectangular,
and filled with 50 cases of concord grapes for
no reason?


(Smiling nervously) …NOT our garage.

Nina crosses her arms and glares. Awkward silence.

…anyway, do you know a place where I can
get some brewer's yeast in bulk?

You're grounded.

Hey, now. I'm thirty-five, you can't ground me!
I drive a Mercedes!

Where's the Mercedes?

…under the grapes. I'll be in my room.

Bob goes up the stairs.

Guess I'd better not tell her about my
lemon stash!

<End Log>

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