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The content of this page is archived as this file has become obsolete. As archiving is an outdated process, this page will not be redirected. The only thing that this process still changes on a front-end level is the Object Class.

— Maria Jones, Director, RAISA

Item #: SCP-5187

Clearance: 2/Memetic - 4/General
Note: The General Clearance was increased, to prevent Miscommunications from accessing this file.

Object Class: Archived

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5187 is to be researched using Standard Procedure, by the Central Memetics Department.

Description: SCP-5187 is a standard cognitohazard. SCP-5187 is carried in a photograph and causes subjects to experience a mix of longing and fear of something they deem vast and outside of their understanding when looking at it. SCP-5187 can only take effect when the subject is outside.
Note: The fact that it only works outside suggests a poorer quality of production.

Discovery: The photograph of SCP-5187 was pinned to a side wall in Manhatten, New York when it was noticed by PANOPTICON1 and marked as a potential cognitohazard. The local Containment Team was ordered to retrieve the photo and bring it to the nearest Memetic Department Site.

Effect Test:

Test Resources Results
Exposure to SCP-5187 outdoors 10 D-Class with Naval background All D-Class felt inspired to sail again
Exposure to SCP-5187 outdoors 5 D-Class with astronomical background (Scarcity of resource) All but one D-Class described both longing and fear to go to space
Longterm exposure to SCP-5187 outdoors 1 D-Class with astronomical background Subject described the fear of a scientific breakthrough.
Exposure to SCP-5187 outdoors 10 D-Class with artistic background D-Class described various fears. Additionally, all D-Class felt motivated to produce more art
Exposure to SCP-5187 outdoors 10 D-Class selected for their lack of creativity No significant deviation from the Control Group
Longterm exposure to SCP-5187 outdoors 10 D-Class selected for their lack of creativity All D-Class expressed fear towards various minor hobbies
Exposure to SCP-5187 outdoors 10 tainted2 randomly selected D-Class Standard effects were reduced by roughly 50%

Note: Other departments have drastically decreased their D-Class usage, preventing us from transferring ours to them anymore. If we do not want to rely solely on tainted D-Class, efforts should be made to increase D-Class usage back to its former level.

Creative Analysis: (Written by one of the test subjects)
I know there were other parts, but it was the darkness on that photo that really pulled me in. It was like that night, back when I still went stargazing, with a night so clear you can see the distance of the stars. The depths between them. It's one of those things a camera can never really capture. Because the camera does not understand the sheer endless gap that connects one celestial to the other. But our heart does. And I am drawn to that hole, the vacuum antithetical to life; I want to fill it with just the most minuscule of motion and get trapped in its freedom far and wide from any help.
Note: Is creative analysis in this age still necessary? It's the only stain on an otherwise clean procedure.

Scientific Analysis:
Concept Description Portion of SCP-5187 Likelihood of Embodiment3
NOO-327543 The longing for somewhere else 25% 89%
NOO-224989 Cosmic horror 23% 93%
NOO-427565 Passion 6% 58%
NOO-427932 Inspiration 4% 62%
NOO-427000 The Flow 4% 5%
NOO-224572 Existential Dread 7% 54%
NOO-327543 Fight or Flight 10% 93%
Background Concepts - 21% 98%
NOO-745933 SCP-5187 100% 93%

The photograph conveys the concept of SCP-5187 with a purity4 of roughly 51%.

Note: In response to the message we received. Notes in the document are the best way of documentation and communication. It is not our concern that smaller departments prefer more inconvenient methods, like embedding e-mails into the article.


Due to its focus on art inspiration and the low purity of cognitohazard conveyance, it is assumed that SCP-5187 was created by an individual associating with GoI-0267 ("Are We Cool Yet?"), since work of this quality is in accordance with this GOI's more rudimentary cognitohazard creation.

A meme was constructed, to instil the idea in the subject to visit a designated meeting point in Manhattan. This meme was constructed in a way that will most likely only affect individuals associating with the themes of SCP-5187 and GOI-0267.

The local containment team has been instructed to observe the meeting point. The meme has been released to the public to catch the subject.
Note: This containment team seems to fulfill our standards. Should we order a reassignment?


A separate team of Central Memetics Department researchers has been tasked with reproducing SCP-5187 based solely on the concepts SCP-5187 is made of. The team did not have access to SCP-5187.

After 2 weeks the team was able to reproduce a version of SCP-5187. Additionally, the conveyance purity could be increased by 32%, and Background Concepts reduced by 9%. This version of SCP-5187 now requires at least Level 3 Memetic Resistance for full neutralization.


As expected the creator of the first version of SCP-5187 arrived at the designated meeting point and was apprehended. An interview was deemed unnecessary. The subject was amnesticized and released to the public.

This file is archived since all research has been completed. All information about SCP-5187 can now be found in the concept and cognitohazard repository under NOO-745933.

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