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Item #: SCP-5186 Level 4/5186
Object Class: Keter Classified


Border of SCP-5186's area of effect

Special Containment Procedures: The area containing SCP-5186 is to be routinely patrolled by Foundation naval vessels. Any unauthorised vessels approaching the area are to be redirected and provided with the cover story that the space is part of a long-term conservation effort.

All Foundation crew members involved with containment are to routinely report in with medical staff to assess for potential exposure to SCP-5186. Should a crew mate express any distinct symptoms1, medical staff are authorised to administer amnestics across all potentially affected crew.

In the event that a patrolling Foundation vessel drifts into SCP-5186's range, all involved personnel should initiate the Blindside Protocol with immediate effect. Under no circumstances should a vessel open fire at any perceived entity without sonar confirmation from Site-39.

Description: SCP-5186 is a behavioural phenomenon linked to a 50km diameter area of open water off the coast of Chile. Any individuals entering SCP-5186's space will initially experience mild discomfort, often complaining about feelings of nausea and restlessness. Further travel into the area will inevitably cause subjects to believe they are being watched by an entity in the water.

Affected individuals are unable to physically see the entity, and all attempts to locate one with sonar equipment have so far failed. Regardless, subjects will eventually conclude whatever is watching them is large enough to completely devour both themselves and any vessel they may be situated on. This effect remains consistent regardless of vessel size. A person's belief that the entity watching them is real will only become stronger as they move further in.

Examination of an affected subject's brain activity shows heightened stimulation of the amygdala2. This effect is consistent across all subjects, and suggests a natural 'fight-or-flight' response specific to SCP-5186. Depending on the subject's mental state and the distance travelled into SCP-5186's area, this fear response3 can induce severe anxiety, dread, and depression.


Deployment of Chimera from Site-39.

Discovery: SCP-5186 was initially brought to the Foundation's attention in 1987 following the loss of a Columbian research vessel. The missing team were investigating 'The Depths that Hunger', a sea shanty spread amongst posted sailors during the 16th Century (see Recovered Document 10-B for further details). Analysis reports indicated the vessel had been written off as lost to storms by local coast guard. However, an inquiry carried out by the Foundation revealed a large portion of water which had been intentionally avoided by search and rescue teams during their investigation4.

Following reports of a potential hostile entity by exploration groups, Foundation naval vessel Chimera was deployed to assess the threat. One hour after entry, site command received a distress signal from the vessel before Chimera proceeded to open fire at the surrounding water. All orders to stop were ignored. This behaviour continued for approximately 20 minutes before a detonation onboard5 tore a hole in the port side hull. Despite possessing the means to repair the damage, the crew retreated to the uppermost deck and the vessel sank. 62 lives were lost.

A secure perimeter was established and containment procedures were enacted on 06/08/1988. Further refinement of the perimeter was put in place in 1993 following additional D-Class testing.

Recovered Document 10-B: The following is a partial transcript of the shanty 'The Depths That Hunger', a song with potential links to SCP-5186. The document was recovered from the home of Dr. Gabriela Rening, one of the missing Columbian researchers, during the Foundation's initial investigation. According to Dr Rening's notes, the song itself has existed as far back as 1513.

'Beware beware the beast beneath, of eyes and shadow and maws and teeth,
With baleful gaze that chills the bone, beware beware the thing not known.'

'Beware beware the storms at night, that drag young sailors to their plight,
For down below a horror slumbers, beware beware the depths that hunger.'

'Beware beware the silent sea, its dreaded aura causing men to flee,
For in the depths the beast does lie, beware beware its watching eye.'

'Beware beware the one that waits, its endless maw sealing our fates,
No one is safe, neither old nor younger, beware beware the depths that hunger.'

'Beware beware the shifting tides, where deep below a darkness lies,
If mind and body you wish to keep, beware beware the broken deep.'

'Beware beware the lurking threat, no man can ever truly forget,
Ready to claim those in storm and thunder, beware beware the depths that hunger'

SCP-5186 Effects Test Log Excerpts

PROCEDURE: D-1924 told to ride an unmanned dinghy into SCP-5186's range.

RESULT: Dinghy travels approximately 14 kilometres in before D-1924 suddenly falls unconscious.

NOTES: See Experiment Log D-1924 for further details.

PROCEDURE: D-3416 outfitted with SCUBA gear and a vocal transducer before swimming into SCP-5186's space approximately 20 metres below surface level.

RESULT: D-3416 swims 8 kilometres before suddenly halting. Subject refuses to look down, abandoning their breathing equipment in an attempt to quickly reach the surface. D-3416 drowns approximately 70 seconds later.

NOTES: 10 minutes prior to their death, D-3416 kept vocalising concerns about 'nothing but jaws just waiting to kill (them)'.

PROCEDURE: D-4725 outfitted with SCUBA gear and lowered into the epicentre of SCP-5186's range by helicopter.

RESULT: During the lowering procedure, the pilot suddenly initiates an emergency flight maneuver that throws both D-4725 and two other crew members into the water, killing them on impact.

NOTES: Following this incident, the use of aircraft for testing purposes has been prohibited. Consideration for extending SCP-5186's range 100 metres above sea level has been made.

Attached File:

D-1924 was successfully recovered eight hours later following the recall of their vessel. Subject notably regained consciousness midway through the return journey, but showed an extreme reluctance to move from their current position. Amnestic therapy has proven effective at treating D-1924's manifested thalassophobia.

Addendum: Currently, the Foundation has been unable to identify the source of SCP-5186. However, given the potential for a Leviathan-class6 hostile entity, exploration teams were deployed to gain conclusive evidence.

Attached Files:


Following Doctor Harking's reckless behaviour, Doctor Langley will be taking over all research projects relating to SCP-5186 effective immediately. All other research efforts are to be temporarily put on hold until further notice.

Incident-01: Two days after Site-39's exposure to SCP-5186, on-site security teams were forced to respond to a Code Blue containment breach incident. According to the security logs, a Level 4 Clearance card was used to unlock SCP-████'s cell. A number of structures were damaged during the incident, including the recently established SCP-5186 Research Wing; a fire had reportedly ignited in one of the labs, destroying multiple sensitive documents.

14 staff were killed during the incident. Doctor Harking has remained unaccounted for. The following document was recovered from his office.

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