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ITEM #: SCP-5184


SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: SCP-5184 is currently held in a small standard animal containment cell, designed to resemble a standard woodland environment. A feeding schedule has been implemented in accordance with SCP-5184’s dietary needs.

Electrical devices, especially internet-accessible technology, are not allowed within SCP-5184’s containment cell. The only exception to this is in the case of interviews, during which it may utilize a specialized computer that only runs a word processor program.


A photo of SCP-5184 taken prior to containment.

DESCRIPTION: SCP-5184 is a rodent specimen of the family Sciuridae1. DNA sampling has shown that SCP-5184 is an unknown species of Sciuridae, showing similarities to multiple species.

SCP-5184’s anomalous properties manifest when its teeth make contact with electrical wiring. SCP-5184 cannot be damaged by electricity and is able to send electrical signals out through its teeth to the device it is connected to. These signals operate as input commands, allowing SCP-5184 to access these electronics as though it were a human, despite not utilizing a mouse or keyboard.

SCP-5184 can understand human language and communicate back through electronic devices. SCP-5184 has shown itself to be fluent in both English and Scottish Gaelic. Testing has shown that SCP-5184 has intelligence roughly comparable to a human.

Significant addiction issues related to alcohol and smoking are ongoing with SCP-5184. While useful as incentives for testing, the health risks of a chipmunk consuming a full can of beer and smoking cigarettes regularly have been deemed too high to be allowed to continue. Addiction recovery programs are ongoing.

Discovery: An investigation was launched into St. Andrew’s House in Edinburgh after reports from MTF Iota-10 ("Damn Feds") arose concerning a chipmunk continually eating electrical wires safely came concurrently with reports of electronic tampering from an unknown source pushing a second Scottish Independence Referendum.


An example of some of the media SCP-5184 distributed through anomalous capabilities.

SCP-5184 was located and attempts to bring it into Foundation custody by MTF Lambda-12 ("Pest Control") began but were halted after SCP-5184 threatened to destroy a significant amount of electronic government property. SCP-5184 was eventually lured into a beer-related trap and brought to the Foundation.

ADDENDUM 5184-1: As of the events of interview 5184-1, SCP-5184 has been in a depressive state. Demonstrated behavior includes eating less and refusing to conduct interviews. Dr. Dromeus has been reprimanded for the interview.

Alright, I made a mistake. I thought this was something it knew and it clearly wasn’t. I propose we tread lightly and give it space for now. After all, it can’t be easy when your own home decides you’re not welcome. -Dr. Dromeus

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