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SCP-5182's cover art.

Item #: SCP-5182

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Flagged internet posts that make reference to SCP-5182 or レンガ are to be removed. The individual that made the post is to be located and their memories of the anomaly removed.

The families of Kathryn ██████, Fern █████, Rita ███████, and Roxanne ████████ currently believe that their daughters died in a group suicide and their bodies were never recovered — no efforts are to be made to dissuade them from this theory.

Description: SCP-5182 is an oceangrunge1 album created by the band レンガ (loosely translated as 'Bricks'). レンガ were an American experimental vaporwave band consisting of four individuals: Undine (vocals), Huldebrand, Melusina, and Drowner. It is currently believed that レンガ were created by four teenage females who appeared to be close friends with one another at the time of SCP-5182's recording who each used pseudonyms, although it is unclear which pseudonym corresponds to which female.

SCP-5182 consists of seven tracks, totaling 40 minutes and 57 seconds. While the majority of the album is instrumentals, two of the tracks contain short snippets of dialogue taken from television shows or films from the late 1990s and the final track, …hello, features original vocals by Undine. It is also the only track credited to all four members of レンガ.

  • We are here, we are alive (8:49)
  • Four circles above the sign (2:27)
  • Takeover (3:55)
  • Leave me in my chains and throw my dress to the depths of hell (9:08)
  • We're never getting out of here (6:50)
  • ritual (falling, falling down) (4:36)
  • …hello (5:12)

Only individuals who listen through the entirety of SCP-5182 are subject to its effects; none of the tracks are independently anomalous. If a subject listens through the album without interruption, they will enter a semi-comatose state upon reaching the final track. While vital organs such as the lungs and the heart will remain functional, the rest of the body, including all four limbs, will be rendered paralyzed.

The subject will then begin to experience vivid visual, auditory, and tactile hallucinations for the duration of the track. These hallucinations involve the subject being submerged in a large body of water, usually inside of a confined space such as a well. Another recurring feeling is that of being pulled downwards by an unseen force, although descriptions of this force have varied between subjects.

SCP-5182 was uploaded to Bandcamp on August 22nd, 2019. Twenty-four hours later, all four members of レンガ were reported missing. The album, titled But it is us you have forgotten, is their only known release.

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