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Item #: SCP-5180

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Relevant authorities surrounding wildlife areas and sites of archaeological significance are to be monitored for mentions of any phenomena resembling an SCP-5180 event. Explanations for SCP-5180 events are to be determined by appointed operatives based on the circumstances surrounding the incident. Class-A Amnestics are authorized to be used on all parties involved in the containment of SCP-5180 events. Research on how to detect SCP-5180 events as they happen is currently being conducted.

Instances of SCP-5180-A are to be captured and brought to the nearest available site. SCP-5180 events are to be monitored by appointed operatives until all instances of SCP-5180-A are no longer present and the SCP-5180 event has concluded. If instances of SCP-5180-A are observed to engage in behaviour that may be deemed suspicious or potentially dangerous, appointed operatives have authorization to contain or terminate SCP-5180-A instances immediately.

Instances of SCP-5180-A currently in Foundation custody are to be met with the same accommodations that a non anomalous member of their species would require.1 Living accommodations of the subject may be improved upon request as a reward for cooperative behaviour. All interactions between Foundation Personnel and instances of SCP-5180-A must first be authorized by Dr. Greene, head of SCP-5180 research.

Description: SCP-5180 is a designation assigned to a repeating space-time phenomenon involving trans-dimensional sapient beings appearing in areas of ecological and archaeological significance. These events occur sporadically and have been observed to last anywhere from a few hours to several days. 126 individual anomalies have been observed between ██/██/2012 and the time of writing this document.

SCP-5180-A is a designation given to the organisms that appear during SCP-5180 events. The organisms are typically evolutionary relatives/derivatives of known organisms possessing human-level intelligence and technology. SCP-5180-A instances have proven to be elusive and will immediately vanish when they acknowledge that they have been observed by Foundation Personnel and presumably, by any other human. This “vanishing” is near instantaneous and the devices used to accomplish this differ in make and operation between members of different SCP-5180-A species. Research of the phenomenon and examination of devices used by SCP-5180-A instances show that the devices transport matter between alternate versions of reality. These alternate versions of reality are assumed to be where instances of SCP-5180-A originated.2

Foundation operatives have managed to secure a total of 7 individual instances of SCP-5180-A captured from 3 separate SCP-5180 space-time anomalies. Attempts of communication with instances of SCP-5180-A have been successful and information regarding their origin and nature of their visits have been consistent across interviews.

All captured SCP-5180-A instances apart from the instance that died shortly after its capture currently remain in foundation custody. Tests show all instances to be on par with or surpassing adolescent humans in intelligence. All subjects have been extremely cooperative with Foundation Personnel and attempts to teach forms of non-verbal communication with subjects physically incapable of speech have proven successful. Subjects usually acquire a comprehensive grasp of a language comprised of rhythmic clicks in a period of 6-8 months. Subjects capable of speech have displayed a remarkable aptitude for the English language, acquiring a level of proficiency one would expect from a native speaker in a period of only 4 months.

Information obtained from members of different SCP-5180-A species and between subsequent interviews of the same individuals have been largely consistent. Due to this consistency and the fact that instances of SCP-5180-A have been generally cooperative with staff, the information given by SCP-5180-A instances is assumed to be accurate at this time.

According to SCP-5180-A instances a currently unknown number of alternate realities exist and travel between these realities is possible. Instances of SCP-5180-A originate from versions of reality where human-level intelligence developed in different species. There are allegedly 11 intelligent species from different realities currently known, 5 of which belong to what SCP-5180-A instances refer to as “a trans-dimensional federation of intelligent species”. SCP-5180-A instances are all self-proclaimed researchers collecting information with the goal of determining if humanity is to be included in this federation.

The following are all currently known intelligent species according to SCP-5180-A instances.


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