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Item#: 5179
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SCP-5179 Upon Aquisition by MTF-Rho-1 "The Professors"

Item #: SCP-5179

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5179 is to be kept in text materials storage locker 87. Save for testing, SCP-5179 is to be clamped shut and sealed in an airtight bag for preservation. Authorization from at least two Senior Researchers is required for testing, and only Class-D personnel are permitted to handle SCP-5179 without safety measures. When testing, SCP-5179, and any attached D-Class Personnel, are to be moved to a 15m by 15m by 10m chamber.

Description: SCP-5179 is an AISC1-distributed textbook labeled "Book 3 GLOBAL COMMERCE". When an individual opens SCP-5179, they and anyone within a 10-meter radius will immediately be displaced into a pocket dimension.2 Reading SCP-5179 without activating these anomalous effects is impossible. When the use of a Remote Controlled mechanical arm was attempted, the operator -Technician J. Hawkins- was affected despite being 20 meters away. SCP-5179-O is a to-scale replica of the Australian desert region, commonly known as the "Outback". Instead of terminating where the region does, when crossing the edge of an "Outback" an individual will find themselves at the entry point of SCP-5179-O.3 SCP-5179-O is inhabited by wildlife identical to the Australian Desert Region. However, no human-built structures are present other than Foundation Research Site 5179-O.

Addendum-5179-1: As of 4/14/2021, SCP-5179 is to be put under testing limitation, due to a lack of information gained by doing so. To request an expedition, contact Head Researcher D. Sanderson. Further information is restricted to Level-3 Personnel

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