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Item#: 5178
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Photo of SCP-5178 during recovery.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5178 is to be contained at Site-88 in a soundproof, humanoid containment cell installed with recording equipment. A transcription and cognitohazard filtration program should be running simultaneously to document live broadcasts while removing hazards. These transcripts are to be reviewed daily by assigned research staff. All requests for direct audio files should be given to Head Researcher Dr. Nick Copper.

During periods of musical interludes, SCP-5178’s vitals are to be checked and its containment cell cleaned when necessary. Any noticeable change in SCP-5178's vitals or behavior must be reported to assigned research staff or an on-site supervisor.

Any staff who have been exposed to POI-7134’s live or recorded audio broadcast between 06/20/2020 (Incident-5178-1) and 08/07/2020 (Incident-5178-2) or know of someone who has shown a vested interest in POI-7134's ideology are to refer to Dr. Copper’s email below.

UPDATE: As of 09/18/2020 (Refer to Incident-5178-3), SCP-5178's containment class has been updated to Keter with the approval of the Classification Committee. Agents are currently investigating new instances of SCP-5178 for containment and for any information on POI-7134's whereabouts, including information on his recent radio broadcast sponsor. Containment procedures may change pending further updates.

Description: SCP-5178 is an elderly, Caucasian male speculated to be in his late sixties. SCP-5178's identity is unknown but has been referred to as "Broadcast Station WYLI" by POI-7134. SCP-5178 is in a constant semi-catatonic state, where he is unwilling and/or incapable of speaking and has rarely reacted to stimuli. SCP-5178's body heals from physical damage at an extremely fast rate, regenerating tissue and organs near instantly without scarring. This regeneration is speculated to be the reason why SCP-5178 does not possess the need to eat or sleep. SCP-5178's only behavioral trait is his preference to sit in one location with his abdomen exposed to project radio broadcasts.

Protruding from SCP-5178's abdomen is a Philips brand radio with technology constructed around the late 90s. The skin around the radio appears to have been charred and inflamed by the alteration, which is inconsistent with SCP-5178’s regeneration. The radio is fully functional and SCP-5178 shows no signs of discomfort from its presence or usage, but any attempt to interact with it, including turning off the radio, is corrected by SCP-5178.

The only transmission receivable through SCP-5178 is a talk show entitled "Eat The Sun with Seth Uhar" regardless of what frequency the radio is set to. Seth Uhar, classified as POI-7134, and his recording studio’s location are untraceable. Whether or not POI-7134 is human is unknown, but he has claimed several times to be from a society "several steps ahead" of ours. POI-7134's voice resembles an English-speaking human male in his late 20s and speaks with an American accent.

POI-7134's radio show is hosted live and uninterrupted, consisting of segments where he shares his belief that human society ought to detach itself from all systems and beliefs that glorify the sun as opposed to viewing it as a replaceable resource, frequently suggesting it will cause an apocalyptic event if action is not taken soon. POI-7134 also occasionally refers to an individual named "Ule" who is never heard speaking but is believed to be present in all live recordings. “Ule's" main role on the show is unknown but POI-7134's comments suggest it to be essential. No other information is currently known about "Ule".

In between live segments are musical breaks consisting of songs relating in either title or lyrics to the sun, which are then played at various playback speeds.1 It has been suggested based on comments from POI-7134 that this is done to stay in sync with our “temporal continuum.” Typical programming between musical breaks consists of the following:2

  • Monologues where POI-7134 talks to the audience about his "anti-solarist" ideology. A majority of the information the Foundation has gained on POI-7134 comes from these segments.
  • Skits entitled "Sunless Days" about two humans living in a society without the sun and all the technological feats they are capable of. POI-7134's portrayal of the human characters showcases his loose grasp of human customs and terminology.
  • A segment entitled "SOL-less Conversations" involving interviews between POI-7134 and guests of a supposed otherworldly/paranormal nature, consistently discussing the benefits of removing their respective sun. So far, none of the guests has been able to speak any recognizable form of language.
  • Requests for listeners to call in with questions. No phone number is provided, yet POI-7134 advertises this segment frequently. This includes requests for sponsorship.


Incident-5178-1: On 06/20/2020, Audio Analysis Specialist Ramiz Kola noted that POI-7134's overall audio quality had improved, though he was unable to discern exactly in what regard it had changed. Ramiz noted the improvement made him uncomfortably enthusiastic to continue listening. Over the following week, an increase to staff accessing SCP-5178's broadcasts spiked. Several members of on-site staff started showing positive feelings towards listening to the broadcast, promoting serious discussions regarding the feasibility of POI-7134's ideology and started engaging in behavior spurred by their desire to support and spread the show's influence. Researchers began testing the radio broadcast with D-Class subjects and discovered a minor compulsory anomalous effect was present within the audio. New containment procedures were then put in place by Dr. Copper to minimize further exposure to the program. Following this, a site-wide email was sent to all staff regarding the incident.


Update: On 07/27/2020, Junior Researcher Jaquita Carson began noticing long stretches of dead-air on the transcription logs between songs and live segments. POI-7134's tone of voice became significantly more downtrodden, and an overall lack of composure became increasingly apparent as it resulted in frequent on-air emotional outbursts (See Incident Related Transcripts.) This resulted in a drop in the number of live segments featured daily3 and long stretches where a single song was looped repeatedly before going to the next song.

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