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Item#: SCP-5176
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Fig 1.1. Times Square prior to the manifestation of SCP-5176.

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Provisional Outpost-86/Site-35 Dr. John Percles Dr. Jason Bumont N/A


Fig 1.2. The sole Little Caesars franchise located near Times Square, New York: the epicenter of the SCP-5176 manifestation.

Special Containment Procedures: While SCP-5176 is virtually imperceivable to baseline humans, current Foundation efforts regarding the anomaly are targeted at obscuring SCP-5176 from the minority of individuals possessing the prerequisites which would permit interaction with it.

Class-3 Vectronic Meme Counters (VMCs)1 fashioned in a way to blend in with their environments have been established within SCP-5176's area of effect to constantly monitor the antimemetic resistance indexes of all humans within the area. Should an individual with a resistance level at or exceeding 4.5 AMQs be present, an automated system has been configured to alert Foundation field operatives within Provisional Outpost-862 — wherein they can be removed from the location in addition to being administered amnestics when deemed appropriate.

Description: SCP-5176 designates an anomalous transfigurative event affecting Times Square in Manhattan, New York. Beginning on March 15th, 2020, over the course of 5 days, all structures within the area were converted into a conglomerative superstructure possessing Greco Roman architecture and features correlating to the Little Caesars Pizza3 brand.

SCP-5176 is comprised primarily of structural items/materials emblazoned with Little Caesars' branding, orange and white coloration, and food products produced by the company. For example: a common item found within SCP-5176 are fountains made entirely of 'Crazy Bread' and cycle a liquified cheese substance in lieu of water. In general, the complex is reminiscent of palaces constructed during the height of the Roman Empire.

While expansive, SCP-5176 itself is self-concealing. The anomaly possesses a mild antimemetic filter rendering humans with an antimemetic resistance level of less than 4.5 incapable of perceiving the anomalous qualities that have since overcome the locale.

Presently, it is the belief that the manifestation of SCP-5176 is a result of an ontokinetic entity hereafter regarded as SCP-5176-1. It is theorized to be located within a former Little Caesars franchise in the center of SCP-5176: the apparent structure from which the viral spread of SCP-5176 originated from. As of this writing, no further knowledge pertaining to this entity is available.


Fig 1.3. Mr. Barker upon initial recovery by Foundation agents.

Discovery: SCP-5176 was discovered by Foundation operatives embedded within local law enforcement after George Barker, a homeless individual living in the area, began a rampage throughout Times Square. He claimed that the government had 'been co-conspiring with the Capitalists and Big Pizza' in an attempt to strip individuals of economic mobility and freedom. After being admitted to a local psychiatric facility for evaluation, it was discovered that the man did not suffer from any discernible mental ailments. Because of this, Foundation field agents became aware of this and began an investigation; upon analysis of the area via the use of a GAD,4 the anomalous attributes of SCP-5176 were discovered, and containment protocols were enacted.



Reclassification to Neutralized pending approval by the Classifications Committee.

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