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by J Dune

Item#: 5175
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Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Provisional Site-████ R. Joseph Barrow J. Thomas Dune Ω-5 "Damien's Angels"


PoI-3445 upon initial interview session. Note the subject's 'backup knife'

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5175 is to be contained in anomalous item locker 5175, located at Area-179.

Due to the symbiotic relationship between SCP-5175 and PoI-3445, as well as the beneficial nature of the anomaly, PoI-3445 has been integrated into the Foundation's internal command structure. Mobile Task Force Ω-5 "Damien's Angels" has been created to assist PoI-3445 in their missions, under the auspices of Project SECRET-SHOPPER.

Upon authorization by Mobile Task Force Lieutenant Samuel Deangelo, PoI-3445 is to retrieve SCP-5175 for the purposes of carrying out missions assigned to them.

Description: SCP-5175 is an ornate knife of Moroccan design and unknown origin. SCP-5175 displays no anomalous abilities when handled by an individual who is not symbiotically bound to the object. The criteria by which SCP-5175 becomes bound to a user is apparently under the discretion and personal favor of SCP-5175-1. Presently, PoI-3445 is the only individual capable of handling SCP-5175 in a way that manifests its anomalous properties.

When handled by its host, SCP-5175 is capable of removing any form of life from baseline reality upon laceration. This effect has proven to be applicable to incorporeal beings who would otherwise have no physical presence. Upon piercing a target, a black mist will begin to emanate from the object. This mist will envelop the target, causing them to disappear. According to unverifiable information provided by SCP-5175-1 and PoI-3445, victims of SCP-5175 are transported to an unknown extradimensional space that has been colloquially referred to as "The Realm of Unsaved Souls", "Land of the Forsaken Suffering", and "Kanashī Ringo no Akuma no Ryōiki"1.

SCP-5175-1 is a being that claims to be the consciousness of Kuroitanken Hanzo, a Japanese samurai who, according to the entity, was born in 1800, and served as a supporter of the Imperial Court in the Boshin War.2 When SCP-5175 is handled by its host, SCP-5175-1 will manifest itself as an animate ethereal figure that hovers above or near the subject. SCP-5175-1's physical appearance is that of a human skeleton wearing a suit of black and purple dō-maru armor. SCP-5175-1's silhouette constantly emanates black mist, similar to the vapor produced by the object itself. SCP-5175-1 is capable of communicating with its host, regardless of apparent language barriers. Likewise, a host is capable of comprehension of SCP-5175-1's speech, despite being spoken in 19th century Japanese. SCP-5175-1 is capable of interacting with physical objects.

PoI-3445 is Damien Lawrence Woodcock, a resident of Scranton, Pennsylvania. PoI-3445 was a security officer who had been employed for 8 years at The Marketplace at Steamtown3. PoI-3445 exhibits no anomalous characteristics, but is considered integral to the containment and handling of SCP-5175 due to being the only individual SCP-5175-1 agrees to work with.

PoI-3445 has been integrated as a Foundation employee as a part of Project SECRET-SHOPPER, and currently operates as a specialized Foundation agent. See addenda for further detail.

Addendum.5175.1: Discovery

Addendum.5175.2: Interview Log

Addendum.5175.3: Interview Log II

Addendum.5175.4: SCP-5175-1 Interview Log

Addendum.5175.5: Project Proposal: SECRET-SHOPPER

Addendum.5175.6: Performance Overview

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