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Brainwave analysis of SCP-5174 infection, spike at t=1.5 indicates botnet activation

Item #: SCP-5174

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the irregular nature of the manifestations of SCP-5174, containment is to be focused on observation and investigation.

Foundation employed scouts within neutral and pro-Foundation collectives are to report activity involving host abnormalities and rapid-onset hivemind collapse to MTF Omicron Rho ("The Dream Team") for inquiry.

Physical sites of SCP-5174 generation are to be examined, then disassembled by Foundation security personnel. Instances of SCP-5174-1 are to be stored in standard object containment once decommissioned.

Description: SCP-5174 is a brain-based bot network that is intended to terminate selected hosts in Oneiroi Space1.

The mechanism of SCP-5174 involves the involuntary exploitation of "non-dreamers," in order to create a specific desired effect; of which the most common are tasks that require significant cognitive function to process.

Note that victims of SCP-5174 are not actually accessing Oneiori dream worlds (such a process requires the completion of the Oneiori Joining Technique), rather their mental energy2 is rerouted to a central attacker who then focuses on a Oneiorific node.

The transmission method of SCP-5174 is an autonomous drone (refered to as SCP-5174-1) which emits malicious, infected brainwaves to physically compromised individuals.

The combined mental energy is then collated through SCP-5174-1 which then prepares SCP-5174 for activation. The amount of "non-dreamers" that are used for SCP-5174 is limited to the spatial distribution of SCP-5174-1 for that particular instance.

In Oneiroi Space, the botnet manifests in several ways, the most common of which is as millions of SCP Foundation Researchers armed with glitter-guns. The intense cerebral load placed, often, kills the host of the collective and causes critical infrastructure loss for the dream group3 of that particular host.

It is theorized that multiple varieties of SCP-5174 currently operate within Oneiori Space. However, the development of mobile collectives and "jumping" hosts within the noosphere in recent decades has made precise identification difficult.

The first and most widespread variation known in Oneiori West4 as the "TFFS5 brain parasite," was dismantled in 2018.

Before deconstruction, the first instance of SCP-5174 is believed to have killed 38 hosts and their associated collectives.

The following is an abridged list of dreamworlds destroyed by this initial version of SCP-5174.

Host Name: Imperator Aiaoai Zurchol Oiiit

Hivemind Name: The Glorious Emirate of Oneiroi East

Human Population #: ~15,000,000

Physical Location: Within a trashcan on the beach of Random Island, Canada

Metaphysical Description: “The Glorious Emirate of Oneiroi East” was a uber-fantasy, low-concept hivemind that was the sister collective to Oneiroi West. Investigation showed that most of this particular collective was constructed of and worshipped the Daevite spirit "Hahgwehdaetgan.

Circumstances Regarding Collapse: Imperator Oiiit, the host of “The Glorious Emirate of Oneiroi East,” received a message on 3/1/2018 detailing steps of an ultimatum to either shut down operations or to face complete destruction.

According to after action reports, the ultimatum was attached to a manifesto describing the "cowardice of death" and "the strength of 'real' flesh."

Oiit ignored the message and later that day the collective was shutdown by SCP-5174.

Host Name: Real Name Unknown

Hivemind Name: AAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUGGGGHHHHH (12 A's, 6 U's, 5 H's)

Human Population #: ~???

Physical Location: Variable. The location of the hivemind would change depending on the visitor. The location would jump to the visitor's mother's brain.

Metaphysical Description: “AAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUGGGGHHHHH” was an indetermined, high-concept collective that would alter itself depending on the mind that would enter it. The space within the collective would transform into a space resembling the inhabitant’s childhood. Infamous as a hideout for Daevite pacifists during the Third Occult War.

Circumstances Regarding Collapse: Real Name Unknown, the host of “AAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUGGGGHHHHH,” was sent a similar ultimatum by SCP-5174.

The attached manifesto was slightly altered and contained reference to "the unnatural lengthened lives led by dreamers who hang to their pasts."

Host Name: SCP Foundation Dreamer Azmaray Marwat

Hivemind Name: Sanctioned Site √-2

Human Population #: ██████████████████████████████████████████

Physical Location: Site-02

Metaphysical Description: Semi-infinite pink containment planet, often used for non-humanoid mental viruses. For more details, contact Foundation Dreamer Overseer Maider Berezi.

Circumstances Regarding Collapse: Marwat received a message from SCP-5174, calling for help in their mission to "kill and destroy everything within all dream-worlds for the benefit of those tempted by its whispers and false bodies. None shall escape physical form."

After Marwat responded with a reaffirmation of Foundation ideology to not harm anomalous entities, SCP-5174 invaded Site √-2 and collapsed the planet.

Discovery: SCP-5174 was brought to the Foundation's attention by the "All Being’s Collective of Xiupania," which sent envoys into the dreams of various Foundation researchers. The message was the following pseudo-limerick.

You are always a bad group.
But we need some help, nincompoops!
An evil thing has come.
And will cause us to succumb.
Hey dumbass, you will find the culprit in Guadeloupe.

A team of Foundation security personnel was sent to Basse-Terre, the capital city of Guadeloupe. There it was discovered the brains of patients admitted to Vieux Habitants National Hospital were compromised by SCP-5174 and were being co-opted for the purposes of the central brain. The compromised individuals were de-anomalized through a severing of the forced Oneiorific connection.

During the dismantling of the first SCP-5174 network, a document was found taped to a computer monitor.


Dear Karcist Tuuslar,

Thank you for ordering from our organization! Your requested item has been shipped. The following software features are listed below.

  • Incorporeal, infectious terminal
  • Cross-dimensional
  • Custom brainwave pattern creation

For any questions on the programs specifications, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Note: It appears that your group intends to interact with certain faculties within psionic or dreams based universes or realms. We humbly request that you do not affect our other products or headquarters specifically within Oneiori Space.


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