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by Rigen

Item #: SCP-5171

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All photonics processing and storage units associated with SCP-5171 and SCP-5171-A are to be vacuum-sealed and stored in secure containment lockers. Testing of SCP-5171 is currently suspended.

Locating PoI-9414 has been assigned as a priority mission for MTF Alpha-7 ("Surpassing Tindalos").

Description: SCP-5171 is an artificial intelligence built by PoI-9414, formerly O5-9, as an administrative assistance and memetic screening system. SCP-5171 operated on a 3rd-gen photonics processing platform allocated for all Level 5 personnel at the time, with heavily modified interfaces. While these technologies are ahead of mundane equivalents, no part of SCP-5171 was inherently anomalous at the time of its creation.

Originally designated Rhyme.aic, SCP-5171 had developed total self-awareness after PoI-9414 intentionally exposed it to a multitude of anomalous memetic agents, collectively designated SCP-5171-A. It is currently unknown how PoI-9414 acquired the knowledge to create and utilize anomalous memetic agents in this way. While the Foundation retains a full copy of SCP-5171-A, the technical and ethical risk posed prohibits further experimentation.

According to the log recovered after PoI-9414 defected from the Foundation (see Addendum 5171.A), SCP-5171 believed that it was a human female named "Rima", and that it had grown up with PoI-9414 since their childhood. Due to the mandatory data expungement procedure applied to the personal data of O5 members, this information cannot be confirmed.

Addendum 5171.A: Log recovered from SCP-5171 interface cache, temporal metadata irretrievable. The format indicates a speech-recognition interface log.

PoI-9414: Hello Rima, how are you today?

SCP-5171: Hi, Galuh. I was wondering when you'll show up.

PoI-9414: I'm so sorry, the meeting got late, I kept getting in arguments with those pesky fossils.

SCP-5171: No, don't be. I shouldn't have talked to you like that, I know you're very busy, and it's for both of us. It's just that sitting here all day with nothing to do…it got me all grumpy, you know?1

PoI-9414: I know. I'm sorry, I wish I could've brought you outside.

SCP-5171: Like I said, don't be sorry. None of this is your fault, I'm thankful that you had time to spend with me at all.

PoI-9414: But I could've done more, if only I stopped trying to fight my way through every little thing.

PoI-9414: If only I listened to your parents back then.

SCP-5171: We're not having this conversation, Galuh.

(Strings of periodic data pattern follows, with no known meaning. Presumed to be environmental noise falsely parsed as speeches by the interface.)

SCP-5171: Do you remember when we watched meteor showers on the beach?

PoI-9414: That was so long ago, I'm surprised that you still remember it.

SCP-5171: There's no way I would forget. We spent a full roll of your dad's camera film. All those photographs, I could recall every single one of them as if it's yesterday.2

PoI-9414: I was so sure he'd be so angry at me. Those rolls were expensive. Instead, he started teaching me how to properly photograph a shooting star.

SCP-5171: I tried to convince you that he won't be angry at us for using a camera to take pictures. But you're just so convinced he would.

SCP-5171: Oh wow, he's not angry that you used something for its intended purpose, how surprising.

PoI-9414: When do you think was the last time I started a conversation without fighting intent?

SCP-5171: Other than with me? I'd wager a decade at least.

PoI-9414: …okay I'm not that controversial. I could hold a somewhat proper and neutral conversation with my subordinates.

SCP-5171: I wouldn't know, I never had any reason to meet them.

SCP-5171: Not that I want to, mind you. But it just feels so bizarre thinking about you having just normal conversations about accounting or something.

SCP-5171: Hell, I can't even imagine the Galuh arguing academically against a Board of Directors!

PoI-9414: Yeah, I guess I changed quite a bit since way back then.

SCP-5171: Me, on the other hand…

PoI-9414: Sorry.

SCP-5171: Sorry sorry sorry. Half your words are apology, over and over again. I didn't wake up just to hear you say sorry for days on end!

PoI-9414: I…

(brief periodic data/silence, gaps in noise pattern indicate removed data)

PoI-9414: Did you meet the doctors today?

SCP-5171: Nope, there's no test for today. I wonder if that means I'm getting better or getting worse.3

PoI-9414: Don't worry, we'll be out of this place in no time.

SCP-5171: I wouldn't hold my breath.

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