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Item#: SCP-5169
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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An SCP-5169 instance.

Special Containment Procedures: Fifty-one SCP-5169 instances are stored within a Safe class containment locker in Site-7. The remainder are in the possession of Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd., or potentially their clientele. Proposals regarding the use of SCP-5169 instances as assassination devices are pending.

Description: SCP-5169 is a series of sex dolls, developed for commercial sale by Charles Maximune, an anartist and entrepreneur formerly employed by Marshall, Carter, and Dark, Ltd. Both male and female configured SCP-5169 instances are available, and may possess various accessories.

Each SCP-5169 instance is physically indistinguishable from a comparable non-anomalous product. However, when used to climax by one or more human beings,1 SCP-5169 instances will spontaneously explode. Forensic examination of SCP-5169 detonations reveals no apparent chemical or other physical cause, suggesting that SCP-5169 instances function by ectoentropically generating explosive force.

Addendum 5169-1: Discovery

The SCP-5169 instances presently contained were recovered as part of a sting operation conducted by MTF Mu-3 ("Highest Bidders"), in order to confiscate any anomalous products possessed by Mr. Maximune. Initially, Mr. Maximune and any locations or persons he was known to be associated with were to be kept under surveillance until Director McBride2 gave the green light for his agents to take action.


Home of Charles Maximune.

However, on 3/9/2020, two weeks into surveillance, an explosion at Maximune's North Andover, Massachusetts residence called for immediate intervention. In the guise of FBI agents, Mu-3 personnel raided the house and confiscated all confirmed or suspected anomalies. One human corpse was recovered and identified as Maximune's romantic associate, Lawrence Kistler.

Additionally, Marshall, Carter, and Dark security staff took Mr. Maximune into custody regarding an incident in their Quality Assurance Department. He was then fired and remanded to the Foundation for interrogation and amnesticization.

Interviewer: Director Jacob McBride

Interviewed: Charles Maximune

Interviewer: What exactly was the nature of your work at MC&D?

Interviewed: Well, I worked in anart acquisitions for a while. But that had nothing to do with why I got fired.

Interviewer: Why did you get fired?

Interviewed: It was the dolls. We had, uh, just received our shipment at London HQ. Testing was just starting up. The first tester, well, fucked one of them, and… boom. Chain reaction.

Interviewer: I take it the damage was serious?

Interviewed: You could say that. There is no more QA department at London headquarters.

Interviewer: So, why do the dolls explode?

Interviewed: Well, I can tell you that wasn't my fault. Dark gave me this project a few weeks ago, told me it would be convenient if we could move into the synthetic sex trade just like the real one, and that she wanted me to see what sorts of anomalous features we could give to regular inflatable dolls. The thing is, I had a lot on my plate when I was asked to take over. So I gave the work to someone else.

Interviewer: Who?

Interviewed: Some drug dealer operating out of the states. He was recommended to me by a colleague.

Interviewer: And he made the dolls to explode when people… finished with them? Why?

Interviewed: Well… maybe it was a little my fault. I told him I wanted "blow up dolls," and he's, well, not the most literate person.

Interviewer: He thought you wanted lethal sex toys?

Interviewed: Yeah. Like I said. Not the most literate.

Interviewer: ...I think I know exactly who you're talking about.

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