A newly created SCP-5164-A instance

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-5164-A instances cannot be moved without causing irreparable damage, multiple Stationary Task Forces (currently Kappa-32, Mu-11, Phi-09, Sigma-18 and Gamma-16) have been deployed throughout Wake Island in order to ensure none of the SCP-5164-A instances are destroyed or damaged.

Description: SCP-5164 is an anomalous phenomenon currently affecting Wake Island, which provokes the generation of anomalous crystals (hereinafter referred as "SCP-5164-A") throughout the entire island. This phenomenon appears to only affect Wake Island, as surrounding territories have not been affected by SCP-5164.

SCP-5164-A refers to an undetermined number (estimated to be around 3,865 million) of solid small crystal gems that vary in shape and color, although all of these instances present seemingly random color changes that decrease with the passage of time, being always transparent when newly created.

SCP-5164-A instances have direct effects on individual human relationships1 when physically modified, as shown in the test log below.


The following are the logs of important incidents that caused massive destruction of SCP-5164-A instances.

EVENT: An unnamed typhoon provoked by an unregistered anomaly2 passed near the Wake Island.

DATE: October 19, 1940

AMOUNT OF SCP-5164-A INSTANCES DAMAGED: Approximately the 20% of the instances (772.9 million)

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Most Foundation personnel present on the Isle died due to a lack of shelters equipped to withstand climatic conditions of this nature. A disinformation campaign was undertaken in order to cover the damaged relationships in the United States, Mexico, and Canada as an effect of the collective hysteria caused by the typhoon passing by. The statistics of couple problems from other parts of the world were altered by the Foundation to cover the incident. The cost of these operations was estimated at $70,242,500 USD.
After this incident, the Foundation initiated construction of a Site to operate under the jurisdiction of Site-19 in the Wake Islands. The new Site was built to withstand typhoons and cyclons and also serve as a shelter for the Stationary Task Forces housed on the island. The Site was designated as "Site-27" and was covert under the facade of a military base in the area.

EVENT: 36 Japanese bombers flew over Wake Island, and raided it destroying most of Site-27. It was later confirmed that many of the troupes involved in the attack used anomalous technology, developed with the help of the IJAMEA.

DATE: December 8, 1941

AMOUNT OF SCP-5164-A INSTANCES DAMAGED: Approximately the 16% of the instances (618.4 million)

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Site-19 was informed about the attack, and multiple Mobile, Aerial and Naval Task Forces were deployed in order to help Site-27 personnel. The conflict ended 15 days later, on December 23, and the cost of damages caused to Site-27 were estimated at $327,600,000 USD. As most of the affected relations could be attributed to the general social tensions caused by World War II or belonged to individuals that died in combat, the Foundation did not need to run any disinformation campaign.
The IJAMEA was pointed out as being responsible for this, along with the Japanese government. After multiple deliberations, the O5 Council decided to undertake multiple efforts to destabilize the IJAMEA and thus be able to establish a Japanese Council in the territory, successfully achieving it in the course of 4 years.

EVENT: Category 4 Typhoon Olive hit the Wake Island, causing major damage in most of the structures settled in there, including part of Site-27, and flooded the Island.

DATE: September 16, 1952

AMOUNT OF SCP-5164-A INSTANCES DAMAGED: Approximately the 32% of the instances (1236.8 million)

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The containment chamber housing the SCP-5164-A instances managed to withstand Olive's first hit and did not receive important damage until ~2 hours before the typhoon began to move away from the Wake Island, a moment in which the ceiling of the chamber cracked, and eventually collapsed. Most of the debris was warded off by Olive, but some parts of it still damaged an important number of SCP-5164-A instances.
The Foundation undertook multiple disinformation campaigns in many countries and modified the statistics about couple problems. However, those campaigns were not as successful as the ones undertaken in 1940. The O5 Council approved the use and development of subtle behavioral experimental memetic agents that were deployed on recorded media. The cost of repairing Site-27 and the expenses required to maintain the Veil were estimated at $160,000,000 USD, and some projects' budget was cut or deviated in order to cover the costs.

EVENT: Category 5 Hurricane Ioke hit the Wake Island.

DATE: August 28, 2006

AMOUNT OF SCP-5164-A INSTANCES DAMAGED: Approximately the 8% of the instances (309 million)

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Site-27 personnel was able to enact the H-RF3 in time before the hurricane hit the Island. However, while Ioke was moving away from the island, the H-RF began to exhibit slight failures due to the strength of the typhoon and the time it was being active. At that time, the H-RF failures were dismissed, and it stayed on for one more hour, before it began to show severe failures. The emergency use of additional H-RF Units was authorized, which were quickly transported to the area and two were activated to replace the damaged one. During the Unit switch, some rubble entered the containment area, damaging a medium number of SCP-5164-A instances. Although a good part of Site-27 was not severely affected by the hurricane, the containment area of the SCP-5164-A instances was almost completely knocked down by the storm surge that followed due to the remnants of Ioke.
The cost of repairing Site-27 and the expenses required to maintain the Veil were estimated at $88,000,000 USD.


After the incidents provoked by Hurricane Ioke, Site-27 personnel reported a broken SCP-5164-A instance still showing color and a slight glow. After multiple research, it was found that this crystal belonged to Anne de la Rev and Jake Stevenson, civilians residing in Alaska, United States. It was later confirmed that both individuals were still engaged despite the fragmentation of their SCP-5164-A instance.
Several investigations were made regarding the reason for this; however, they did not give conclusive results, so multiple hypotheses have been made in this regard, such as:

  • Possible anomalous influences due to an unknown event in which one or both individuals were involved
  • Possible anomalous qualities present in one or both subjects, which have not been confirmed yet
  • Possible altered levels of Humes of one or both individuals
  • The 'strength' of the relationship
  • The old age of the SCP-5164-A instance, since their relationship was settled on in 1957
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