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Item #: SCP-5163

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5163 is to be kept in a Standard Containment Locker within Site-73. Any requests that involve the handling or removal of the object of its containment must be authorized by the Site Director. While handling SCP-5163, personnel should wear protective gloves and make sure to never allow their skin to come into contact with the object. In the case personnel (accidentally or not) touches SCP-5163, they are to be administrated with amnestics and isolated for observation. Affected personnel is to be restored to their positions only when/if they no longer present significant symptoms of SCP-5163’s effects.

Description: SCP-5163 appears to be a teddy bear measuring approximately 26 cm in height with creamy white fur and light blue details. When a human makes physical contact with SCP-5163, the subject will instantly develop a certain level of emotional attachment to the object. The intensity of this effect and the way it manifests over the victims varies with each case, however, it often causes the subjects to consider SCP-5163 as something of extreme importance to themselves. The use of amnestics has proven to be relatively effective in healing affected subjects, although in a few cases subjects developed symptoms of depression after the amnesticization. No other anomalous properties were observed.

Discovery: SCP-5163 was acquired by the Foundation on 29/04/2009 when a group of 3 field agents who were working on an unrelated assignment accidentally found the object in an abandoned house from a rural zone of Texas, which they were planning to occupy for the days needed to complete their duties. After installing surveillance cameras in and outside the house, Agent Nicholas Campbell noticed SCP-5163 on a table inside a room of the house. The object was above a small piece of paper which caught his attention. After grabbing the object to get the paper, Agent Nicholas immediately began to act unusually due to the effects of SCP-5163. The following is the transcript of the video record during the incident.

Addendum 1: Agent Nicholas Campbell was deemed as free of any effects regarding SCP-5163 on 25/08/2013, after stating that he no longer feels anything unusual, while Agent Coulson Jones still claims to feel an "unexplainable emptiness", which could mean that SCP-5163's effects might affect certain individuals more than others. Nonetheless, both Agents are currently able to perform their duties without any significant problems.

Addendum 2: The piece of paper found together with the object had the following writing by an unknown subject:

"I'm so so sorry Kenny, but I can't stay here anymore, I need to be strong and leave you behind even though that feels almost impossible to me. My heart is falling apart and I am crying so much while writing this because I am 100% sure that I will never again find anything as cute and as amazing as you are, but I truly need to go, as I have been spending more than 15 hours just playing with you every day and I need to focus on something else for now… But know that you are always on my mind, and to be honest, I will probably return to be with you sooner or later, so please just wait for me. This house is yours now."

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