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Item #: SCP-5158 Level 3/5158
Object Class: Euclid-Adviso Classified


The Ohmuno Oil Rig prior to SCP-5158's discovery.

Special Containment Procedures:

A ten kilometer exclusion zone is to be created around the location of the Ohmuno Oil Rig. Type NSKA fungicide is to be sprayed bi-weekly as well to prevent the spread of SCP-5158 to further lifeforms. Only Level 3+ personnel are allowed access to 5158; despite this, no personnel are allowed onto the Ohmuno without department-standard metal-plated hazmat suits.

All personnel that come in direct contact with 5158 are to be scanned and tested for 5158-A instances. If they are not present, an isolated thirty-day monitoring period for any symptoms will occur. Should any symptoms arise or new spores become found, the area should be quarantined and sprayed, and the personnel should be incinerated immediately.


SCP-5158 is a parasitic quasi-fungal biological organism found in the Pacific Ocean. All current 5158 instances are localized to the abandoned Ohmuno Oil Rig and the wreck of the MV Nerva. 5158 instances appear to grow towards either the nearest food source or another 5158 instance. SCP-5158 appears similar to a thick moss, covered in vines, tendrils, large leaves, and arthropod-like legs. However, SCP-5158 outwardly prefers to use the legs to attack potential prey instead of for mobility. Any animals that 5158 consider as prey will be entwined by the tendrils and then impaled by 5158's legs until the prey is killed. SCP-5158 ingests its prey by use of a highly-acidic compound produced by it; however, it has little effect on bone. It is also theorized that SCP-5158 is primarily sustained by amounts of energy derived from light, though this has yet to be confirmed.


A seedpod 5158-A instance.

Approximately every thirty-six to fourty-eight hours, SCP-5158 widely disseminates both spores and seedpods. The reproduction timescale accelerates if 5158 has access to fresh meat. These spores/seedpods are designated SCP-5158-A. If a 5158-A instance is inhaled or digested by an animal, the instance will feed on the host's internal organs until the host ceases all bodily functions: it will then germinate to create an SCP-5158 instance from the host's corpse. 5158-A seedpods are relatively harmless if they do not contact flesh; however, 5158-A spores exhibit the same behavior with any living organisms. All 5158-A instances are more effective at reproduction in aquatic settings.

SCP-5158 appears to have a limited amount of sentience. Its origin cannot be determined.

Item History:

SCP-5158 was discovered on August 17th, 2005, after all communication from the Ohmuno Oil Rig ceased for several days. Several explosions and a flare were spotted around the area a week prior, but its source was unknown until it was confirmed during the discovery of 5158 that both came from the Ohmuno. The US Coast Guard were dispatched to investigate and were the first discoverers of the anomaly. At this time, the 5158 had not completely covered the platform of the Ohmuno. The Coast Guard then notified the Foundation; by the time a team mobilized and arrived, it was the 18th. The anomaly had completely covered the platform of the Ohmuno; a Coast Guard detachment had investigated the rig and was subsequently killed and digested.

Approximately 1.4km away from the Ohmuno, the Coast Guard also discovered the RV Sondheim, a deep-sea submersible, floating adrift and with deep gashes in its side. The Sondheim had been assigned to the Ohmuno to assist with problems found with the oil rig at the sea floor. The crew of the Sondheim are as follows:

  • Harimao executive Jeanne-Marie Kushana
  • Sondheim pilot Cadie Darcy
  • Deep-diver Asbell Thero
  • Radio/comms operator Patrick Aldermann
  • Mechanical engineer Korvey Pejeet

Although the crew were recovered uninfected, they were all permanently blinded by an unknown force. According to logs found on the Ohmuno, the Sondheim was sent to check an underwater blockage that had stalled the rig for several days. Footage from the Sondheim's exploration was recovered as well.

The wreck of the MV Nerva was also confirmed to be located under the Ohmuno Oil Rig.


The USCGC Midgett intercepting the Sondheim.

Addendum 01: Recovered Data

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