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The documentation regarding SCP-5157 has developed significantly and the security clearance required to view the file has been upgraded. The original documentation is preserved below for posterity and access by lower-level personnel.

Item #: SCP-5157

Object Class: Pending

Special Containment Procedures: A research team led by Dr. Levitt will maintain observation of SCP-5157 from Site 51, and pursue development of technologies capable of observing SCP-5157 with greater fidelity. Any development in SCP-5157’s behavior should result in notification of the site director, as SCP-5157’s conceptual fortitude is weak enough to threaten a CK-class Reality Restructuring Scenario.

Foundation contacts will be positioned at all civilian astronomical observation sites technologically capable of detecting SCP-5157 to deter such an event.

Description: SCP-5157 is the designation for an anomalous area of the sky positioned near Xi Piscium1 possessing a remarkably low conceptual fortitude. SCP-5157 is of small enough celestial area as to make measurement inconvenient. Current estimates describe SCP-5157 as vaguely oblong, approximately 500km in length, 11.6ly from earth, and possessing a conceptual fortitude of -326.8 Humes.2 Little beyond this is known about SCP-5157 at this time.

SCP-5157 was discovered on ██/███/1981 when it emitted a Level Cyan reality-destabilizing pulse, temporarily decreasing the ambient Hume levels of multiple Foundation sites to 0.98 Humes, disrupting the calibration of the containment system of SCP-████. SCP-5157 was not catalogued as an item until its conceptual fortitude was recorded as part of routine Site 51 observations on ██/███/1997, at which point it was upgraded to its current containment procedures.

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