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2/5155 LEVEL 2/5155



Item #: SCP-5155

Object Class: Euclid



Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5155 is to be kept and cared for in the Site-5155 nature reserve. Foundation webcrawler Kappa-82 ("GILMER GIRL") is programmed to automatically expunge any public records of unusual activity instigated by SCP-5155.

Description: SCP-5155 refers to an anomaly characterized by the displaced extraphysical essence of the Gilmer family, their suburban Nevada home, and an apparently unrelated 8.6 tonnes of fresh zucchini. All displaced elements still retain the extraphysical essential qualities that they possessed at the time of displacement on May 15th, 1955; however, since displacement, all displaced elements now physically interface with reality (Baseline) as a herd of twenty-two mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus). The nature of this interface exists in a conceptually fluid state between literal and figurative, and consequently it is difficult to predict when and how SCP-5155 may stray from Baseline.

The Gilmer family consists of parents Rhonda (age 29) and Edward (age 33), children Suzie (age 6) and Brisbane (age 10), and their pet border collie Sassafras (age unknown). As of 03/13/2020, Brisbane is the only member of the family who has indicated full cognizance of the family's displacement and the passage of time; however, all family members recognize the presence of an irregular amount of zucchini. Attempts to interact with the family have been unsuccessful and occasionally traumatic. Each family member's personality has grown less stable over time, albeit to varying degrees.

The twenty-two mule deer through which SCP-5155 physically interacts with Baseline possess no apparent bodily autonomy; however, neuroimaging suggests that the animals still retain their original extraphysical essences (overlapped with those of SCP-5155) and the ability to feel pain. Despite decades of effort, no method has been found to humanely terminate the animals without endangering the Gilmer family.

Observation Log:

Foreword: Transcript of footage recorded March 13th, 2020, 12:32 pm.


(Deer 16 lies on its back with limbs overextended beyond the normal range of motion for its species.)

Brisbane: God. God. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. Come from heaven. Come from heaven. Jesus. Jesus.

(Deer 21 throws itself against Deer 09's head, causing Deer 09 to revolve seventy degrees in the opposite direction on an axis parallel to the ground and slightly behind its buttocks.)

Rhonda: Brizzie, dearest, would you kindly keep your voice down? Mother is trying to prepare supper.

(Deer 16's limbs overextend further. A snapping sound is heard.)

Brisbane: It's lunchtime. I'm trying to resurrect god. How can you hear me from the kitchen if my room is upstairs?

(Deer 21 abruptly sinks into the ground, disappearing from view. The tip of an ear extrudes from Deer 16's belly moments later.)

Rhonda: Brisbane Eurydice Gilmer, I really don't appreciate your disrespectful attitude. It's hard enough to prepare a hot meal with all these goddamn cucumbers everywhere!

(Deer 07 and Deer 19 launch upward and out of view.)

Rhonda: Chrysler Imperial! There they go again.

(Deer 09 spins another eighty degrees on its aforementioned axis. The head of Deer 21 fully extrudes from the belly of Deer 16. The fur on both animals grows wet with blood along the edges where their bodies intersect.)

Rhonda: You're on cucumber duty. I need my elbow room.

(Sassafras is heard barking in the distance.)

Rhonda: They're coming back. Don't make me hurt you.

(Deer 21 and Deer 19 both sink in the ground. Deer 04 and Deer 15 emerge from the tree line, their movements perfectly synchronized. Deer 15 is suspend directly above Deer 04, its hooves falling at the level of Deer 04's ears.)

Suzie: Which one are you?

Edward: I'm whichever one is closest. Roar!

(Suzie's laughter can be heard.)

Suzie: And which one am I?

Edward: You're the cutest cuke I'll ever regret.

(Deer 04 and Deer 14 rise from the ground and drift away weightlessly as if carried off by a breeze, tumbling slightly but remaining in parallel. Their stride and Deer 15's physical displacement along its vertical axis remain unaffected by this development.)

Brisbane: God. Jesus. God.

(Deer 01's face emerges from the tree canopy, approximately 4.6 meters tall.)

Edward: How's my little theologian, then?

(Brisbane screams. A figure presumed to be Deer 22 travels across the sky six times in rapid succession, always in same direction.)

Edward: Pop quiz. When humans die, they go to heaven or hell.

(Deer 01's mouth opens. Deers 16, 09, and 03 slowly rise from its mouth. Sassafras can be heard whimpering in the distance.)

Edward: Where does God go when he dies?

(Brisbane screams. Deers 16, 09, and 03 are engulfed in fire.)

Rhonda: Dinner's ready, dear.


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