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4/5149 LEVEL 4/5149
Item #: SCP-5149

Special Containment Procedures: Efforts to trace the source of SCP-5149 are ongoing.

Description: SCP-5149 is a radio signal of unknown origin being received by Lunar Site-34 every 24 hours. Attempts to locate the source of SCP-5149 have been inconclusive, though it has been ascertained that the signal is coming from outside the Solar System.

SCP-5149 consists of a short repeating message in UTF-8. The message is constructed of a series of forty-four dots laid out in a complex position pattern, interspersed with empty space in certain locations. Due to the extrasolar nature of SCP-5149's origin, this is believed to be an extraterrestrial communication or language system. At the moment, decryption of SCP-5149 is considered a Class-A priority; a team of cryptographers, linguists, and radio technicians are stationed at Lunar Site-34 for this purpose.

Attempt Log:

Attempt # Date Comment Output
1 1.30.14 Ran it through all modern language translation systems for similarities. A formality. Translation Failed.
2 2.03.14 Ran it against dot-based ancient languages — no distinct similarities. Translation Failed.
3 2.07.14 Ran a new task on the analysis computers — attempting to discern the complexity of a dot-based language. Translation Failed.
[145 lines ommitted ]
149 5.29.14 New analysis computers arrived, broke them in by trying to simulate all possible divisions of the message. Translation Failed.
150 6.30.14 Manipulated base through flips, rotations, reflections, and several stretches and compressions before putting it through previous suite of analyses. Translation Failed.
[96 lines ommitted ]
247 10.01.14 Not message at all? Maybe art? Compare for logical consistencies or repetitions of symbols to confirm if even language. Translation Failed.
248 10.13.14 Connect the dots? Worth a try. Translation Failed.
249 10.20.14 Greenhorn suggested we run it through nonverbal languages screener — poor guy thinks it'll really be that easy. Translation Success!

Within .5 seconds of the scanning, screener had produced an English translation of SCP-5149. It was realized that no individual on the project had recognized the transmission as a form of Braille.

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