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Item #: SCP-5147

Object Class: Euclid


Close-up of SCP-5147-41
"The Volunteer".

Special Containment Procedures: All inactive SCP-5147 instances are to be separately contained in showcases of double-pane glass. Inactive instances are permitted clothing but work equipment or utensils on their person are prohibited. All confiscated tools are to be stored in designated storage units. The entrance to the containment chamber with inactive instances is to be guarded by three guards at all times. Personnel with Level 2 Clearance or higher are permitted access to these instances.

Active instances of SCP-5147 do not intend to breach containment. Instances may roam the premises of Site-06-3 freely after being equipped with an electronic ankle band with a GPS tracker. A guard may be assigned to an active instance at the discretion of Dr. Roy Hiveldyll.

Any task or request given to SCP-5147's instances may not interfere with the Foundation, security risks, and other anomalies who are not classified as Safe. Any violation without explicit permission from senior staff results in being permanently blacklisted from SCP-5147.

Containment of injured or broken instances needs to be observed by security cameras. If there has not been a visual recovery for 72 hours, the footage is considered outdated and subsequently deleted. Newly broken or recovered instances must be reported immediately. Injuring instances deliberately will also result in being blacklisted and possible termination.

Description: SCP-5147 is the collective designation for 41 sentient hollow faceless mannequins (numbered SCP-5147-01 to -41). Each instance excels at a particular skill set, ranging from one particular skill to multiple, as long as they are closely related. Instances refer to each other with names associated with their respective skill sets (for example "The Cook") and refer to their collective as "The Mannequin Troupe".

Instances are capable of receiving spoken and written requests. Upon acceptance, the individual instance will attempt to complete or provide aid in someone's request in a harmless manner. Requests that are morally unjust or are impossible to fulfill cannot be accepted. Requests are likely to be denied if the person seeking aid has harmed any instances in the past. Upon completion of a request, instances will return to their respective showcases and remain frozen in place resembling standard, non-anomalous mannequins.

Instances are capable of regenerating after approximately 72 hours regardless of the severity of their injury. Instances do not like requests where they can get hurt easily and will ask for precautionary measures before resuming their original task.

Discovery: SCP-5147 was initially recovered on 24/6/2013, from a storage room of an abandoned theater in Krazow, Poland where they were used as stage-props and fitting dolls. Their anomalous properties were discovered during the soft strip of the theater when a demolition crew employee made a comment interpreted as a request.

Quote: "Maybe they can lend us a hand with this stuff, we'll be done in no time."


Krazow's theater before going bankrupt and being abandoned.

Following this, several instances became active and began to assist in the soft strip of the building. One employee attempted to contact authorities twice. This lead to Foundation agents being dispatched. Class-B amnestics were administered to all involved witnesses following the removal of SCP-5147. The theater was subsequently demolished to make place for a new residential area.

Instances did not resist during initial recovery. SCP-5147 was temporarily relocated to the nearest site before permanently being moved to Humanoid Containment Site-06-3 in France.

Interview after discovery

Addendum-1: Unusual requests

Request Outcome Additional notes

Cook the staff's dinner.

SCP-5147-03 "The Cook" made pumpkin soup and sandwiches for the staff.

SCP-5147-03 can taste with its fingertips when needed.

SCP-5147-03 makes lunch twice a week for assigned personnel.

Explain the cause of death.

SCP-5147-17 "The Killer" "The Forensic" was able to identify and prove different causes of death from 10 D-class individuals.

SCP-5147-17 is henceforth known as "The Forensic".

Instances can be re-schooled if necessary.

Replicate a house.

SCP-5147-12 "The Constructor" worked together with 26
D-class individuals.

D-6322 threw a brick at its head as assigned by Dr. Chaulozé, breaking SCP-5147-12, who recovered after 3 days.

Dr. Chaulozé was afterwards unable to get his requests accepted by any instances. Whilst not blacklisted, he suggested relocation due to his inability to interact with SCP-5147.

Research for SCP-5147's ability to regenerate was put on hold. Dr. Chaulozé was relocated to the analysis wing.


Since it was shouted and not directed to a specific instance or group a flash-mob occurred. SCP-5147 can dance very synchronized. One instance dressed up in reflecting glass like a disco-ball.

Remain inactive.

The requested instances refused to accept the request and went back to their inactive state. Request unsuccessful. Reason: Initially denied.

Perform an aria.

SCP-5147-32 "The Vocalist" performed Di Quella Pira from the opera Il Trovatore. SCP-5147-32 has the vocal range of a tenor. After performing the aria a second time on request, SCP-5147-32 sounded a bit hoarse.


SCP-5147-05/-29/-35 "The Doctor, The Nurse and The Fireman" helped personnel when a fire broke out.

A request to let SCP-5147 interact with anomalies classified as Safe was made.

Request Approved


Dr. Roy Hiveldyll got a surprise party for being assigned 5 years to SCP-5147.

SCP-5147 requested the staff's help.

SCP-5147 gave Dr. Hiveldyll the following custom-made gifts: a watch, a wooden chess set, a barrel of craft whiskey and a leather-bound book with their experiences with the Doctor in 41 unique handwritings.

As of 27/6/2018, no remarkable outcomes have been noted.

All requests between 24/6/2013 (initial discovery) and 09 Dec 2023 17:35 have been documented by The Foundation. Personnel with clearance level 2 can freely ask SCP-5147-21 "The Scribe" for copies.

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