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Item #: SCP-5143

Object Class: Unnecessary

Special Containment Procedures: Due to potential strain on Foundation budget, as well as the fact that SCP-5143 maintains a mean worker mortality rate below the average for offshore oil operations,1 active containment has been deemed unnecessary. At least two Foundation operatives possessing offshore oil and gas industry experience are to remain in the legal employ of Seaway Communications Petroleum LLC as engineers servicing SCP-5143 at all times. Assigned agents are to submit bimonthly performance reports to the Department of Finances.

Description: SCP-5143 is the fourth-generation semi-submersible offshore oil platform Lusca IV, located within the southernmost part of the Blake-Bahama Basin.2 According to documentation provided by its original constructor, Subsea 6 S.A., SCP-5143 has a maximal water depth of approximately 1500 meters, a maximal drilling depth of 7600 meters, and possesses living quarters capable of housing up to 146 personnel simultaneously. Although it was never fitted with dynamic positioning systems, SCP-5143 has maintained its location without assistance for the full duration of its operational tenure. In addition, despite a lack of modernized equipment, the object has had no documented reports of machinery-related accidents since it was built in 1998.

SCP-5143 is partially organic, with its lower levels containing significant amounts of living tissue resembling abscesses or cysts protruding from its internal structure. These have been documented to affect various inorganic materials, including plastic and metal as well as junction boxes and cabling. The prevalence of matter converted to organic material increases within infrequently accessed maintenance corridors.

SCP-5143 also displays extensive flooding, albeit present exclusively within its structural columns and ballast pontoons. This has not been found to affect buoyancy or possess any impact on expected non-anomalous function and operation of the object. Liquid samples collected within these flooded areas possess a pH of approximately 2.5 and are comprised primarily of HCl and various digestive enzymes commonly encountered in gastric acid.

Despite the object's relatively low environmental pollution rate when compared to similar non-anomalous structures, the waters within a radius of approximately two to three nautical miles around SCP-5143 display unusually low populations of local marine wildlife.

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